27 June 2008

MUSIC: Carmen Rizzo and Bajofondo

i've heard los angeles/hollywood-based CARMEN RIZZO played and mentioned over the years on KCRW, and he's equally revered by evening DJ's Bentley, Campos AND Trinidad. the man's production is pretty spot-on, and this record, 'The Ornament of an Imposter' on his own Electrofone Records, has some great sounds coming out of it. it has vocals (not so requisite, in my opinion) on top of electronics that border on the moody and and trancey (the slow meditative kind, not the hands-in-the-air kind). it's original stuff, but you might not agree cos you didn't realise you've heard him before:

"Whether you know it or not, chances are you're already a Carmen Rizzo fan. As a musician, producer, remixer, and writer, Carmen Rizzo is a fixture in album credits, and his eclectic career has seen him working with an incredible range of artists, including Paul Oakenfold, BT, Esthero, Alanis Morissette, KD Lang to Seal, Coldplay, Pete Townsend, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and even the Cirque du Soleil."

Thanks to Spectre Promotion for that blurb. oh yeah, and don't forget his work with his 'bands' NIYAZ and LAL MERI. he's got a lot of stuff going on. awesome album.

next up is BAJOFONDO, who i believe are from Argentina, cos they are definitely a tango band playing in the electronica world. yes, everyone loves the Gotan Project, but THIS album, 'Mar Dulce' freaking blows Gotan out of the water. each song is interesting, not cheesy and necessary. and the songs keep coming: there are SEVENTEEN tracks on the album!

here are a few tracks for you to check . hope you like them! oh and you can also hear more on carmen rizzo's myspace. check out "Falling Into Place"...it's playing on MY myspace profile.

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25 June 2008

MUSIC: Big Blue Ball and Peter Gabriel too

for my friend JoMa: i don't know much about this record, except it was a long time in the making and features performances by people like Sinead O'Connor who we haven't heard from in a while...and there are lots of other guest stars. the songs sound complete and sound just like where Peter Gabriel left off last time, whenever that was. here's a couple of samples:

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24 June 2008

We Are the Japan-o-World

SO bizarre. and kind of offensive. and i'm japanese!

Thanks to JoMa for this one.

Japanese We Are The World - Watch more free videos

23 June 2008

something funny

kind of ha ha funny, not the weird kind of funny...and if you know me, you know i'm a yahoo-er more than a google-r. sorry.


Thanks to my friend JoMa for this one.

20 June 2008

MUSIC: Erlend Øye...nothing new.

just a couple of things, music-wise. for my friend WaDi, who sez he's not familiar with Erlend Øye's voice and work, here's a few songs from each of my fave incarnations: Kings of Convenience, the Whitest Boy Alive, and solo.

sounds too dancey? there's a LOT more that doesn't sound quite as.

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18 June 2008


moodstreammoodstream? mmmooooodSTREAM.

Download Squad describes this site like this: "Moodstream pulls in photos from Getty Images' vast database along with music from Pump Audio's Soundtrack. If you like the current mood you can save it to your moodboard (registration required) so you can come back to it later. You also have the option of purchasing any of the images or music on the spot."
So now, here's MOODSTREAM.

It's different and weird and i already spent way too much time on it. The images are cool but the music really sucks, most of the time. The moods don't fit my description of what i would consider this or that. You tell me what you think. i still like Pandora more...and there's no interruptions.

16 June 2008

recipe for Suffering Bastard

As seen in Rusty Venture's glass...

1 oz Gin
1 oz Rum
1/2 oz Lime juice
1 dash Bitters
1 oz Ginger ale
Mixing instructions:
Pour ingredients into a glass. Stir. Drink

10 June 2008

MUSIC: N*E*R*D - Seeing Sounds

so for weeks i've seen N*E*R*D do this song on all the nighttime talk shows: "hundred dollar bills, achoo, achoo!" and now the new album, SEEING SOUNDS is out on the 10th.

i just put on the CD and already it has blown me away. the production is SO organic sounding, so warm and nice. geunine retro synth colours, not just coming out of a sound module...tons of wailing electric guitar... modern sounding r&b melodies, but definitely not in the usual keys and progressions...lots of whispered voices interjecting between phrases of the song...crazy turnarounds and bridges that go in completely unexpected directions. it is classic Neptunes' signature tech-geek-schizophrenia-turned-soul-discipile-channeling-80s-new-wave brilliance! i freaking love you guys, Chad Hugo and Pharrell. and 'Everyone Nose' is only the tip of a massive iceberg of some really innovative music.

06 June 2008

cute cat alert

if you know me, you know that i have several close friends, and just for information's sake most of them are male, who adore those 'cute cat' websites. well, now here is your chance to have your OWN cute cat in your possession. (erm, that sounds kind of bad...) i mean, in your own home:

my brother has rescued some kittens and two of the three siblings, approximately eight weeks old, are in need of a loving home. so, whether you are a male or female, if you think it's time to take care of a little bundle of joy, please consider adopting one, or hopefully both, of these adorable guys/gals (don't know yet)! THANK YOU!

03 June 2008


i almost forgot it was election day today...in CA we had to vote for the eminent domain initiatives and a bunch of judges.

Obama has officially exceeded the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination.
And from the Huffington Post: YES, WE DID!

btw UBERZONE and CRYSTAL METHOD are playing the Monday Night Social tonight but we couldn't go cos of no car. and, Tumblr has been screwing me up lately. grrrrrrr.
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