28 July 2008

Entomological Marketing

instead of guerrilla, geddit?

many thanks to LaChe for this!!!

23 July 2008

Montreal or Bust...

pedicure via doctor fish

i don't like Gene Simmons...

...so i beat him up.
note the drainage bags strapped to his chest. remember that "Super Model" episode of Aqua Teen when Shake had those all over him???!!

22 July 2008

Instant Round-Eye

this is awesome. no more expensive and difficult surgeries! with EYE TALK, you too can give yourself a double-fold in your eyelid, with just some glue and an hors d'oeuvre toothpick.
there's an awesome demo video on the EYE TALK website. (sorry, i can't embed) there's even a site in Chinese and Korean.

Bye Bye Starbucks-es...

This is a map of all the stores that are being closed due to the downturn of the economy/market saturation/unfortunate luck of this country's beloved(??) Starbucks.

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Courtesy of a new project on SLATE.COM

21 July 2008

le Bit Box

11 July 2008

a tribute to ACID HOUSE

this month, the SHAPESHIFTERS are releasing remixes of their version of ORBITAL's seminal dance track 'Chime'.

this fabulous video does a hell of a job capturing the faces and the mood (and the fashions) of a burgeoning dance music scene. god i wish i was there to experience it over there. look close and see a very, very young PAUL OAKENFOLD and PETE TONG! appearances by the late Tony Wilson and superstar DJs galore...!!?

10 July 2008

FBI's Serial Murder Report

if you know me, you know i am completely hooked on those real and not-so-real TV crime shows like DOMINICK DUNNE, THE FIRST 48, CRIMINAL MINDS, FORENSIC FILES, etc. etc. etc. just like the rest of this stupid country.
now, a group of actual Dr. Reids, Special Agent Hotchners and Special Agent Gideons have put together a report called Serial Murder: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives for Investigators. awesome!

09 July 2008

d-bag revisited

remember the DOUCHIEST PHONE MESSAGE IN HISTORY? well, i thank MaMcWa for a fabulous follow-up to the story...

can Dimitri's real name be James N. Sears???! during a disciplinary hearing in med school, this guy was "judged 'immature' in a subsequent psychiatric assessment and it was noted he displayed 'inappropriate behaviour towards female staff members,' and was viewed by peers as 'un -trustworthy, cynical and narcissistic.'"

who woulda thunk??! read more here about Dimitri the Lover. and, go to his actual website and hear a radio interview with a strangely familiar voice...

03 July 2008

consommé punch...i think.

A gift from my dear friend LaNguChe:

02 July 2008

Pac Man Cake

Originally uploaded by Ohmzar
Fondant is so trendy now!

So cool. i wish i had the time to do this...

01 July 2008

ok, last one, i swear.

the reblogging gets better and better. THIS little gem is courtesy of WaDi. you have GOT to listen to this. and now, i present to you, ladies and gentlemen, the douchiest phone message in history!

http://view.break.com/527579 - Watch more free videos

cat lovers, beware...

another fine contribution from AlHo. don't say i didn't warn you...

those crazy japanese...

thanks to AlHo for this one.

i hope you think this is funny, and it's not just another 'asian thing'. BTW this is dedicated to JoMa and anyone else who thinks counting in foreign languages is a bizarre thing.

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