26 March 2009

MUSIC: Fever Ray and Röyksopp !!!

FEVER RAY is Karin Dreijer Andersson of THE KNIFE.
RÖYKSOPP performed the song from the caveman Geico commercial.

And they both came together on a Röyksopp track called This Must Be It . (hear it via the Hype Machine.)

25 March 2009

could it be...FOREST WHITAKER??!

i read FOREST WHITAKER is a voice in Where the Wild Things Are! is that Dave Eggers of McSweeneys/AHWOSG who is writing the screenplay? interesting. many thanks to ElOs for the link to the trailer:

i know i suck but i can't tell, is that POLYPHONIC SPREE or ARCADE FIRE? (probably neither...)

24 March 2009

The Universal Record Database

Thank you, Jonathan Goldstein, for turning me on to the UNIVERSAL RECORD DATABASE. The creator of the site supposedly holds the record for Most Bananas Fit Inside a Pair of Pants While Still Wearing Them:

On this week's Wiretap called "Fishin' for Glory", we learn that Jonathan is a long-distance complainer and his friend Mike holds the record for the most number of complaints said in a minute. You can download and listen to the unofficial Wiretap podcast.

20 March 2009

Baaa-studs continued...and reasons why i wanna go back to Wales.

by now, you've seen the EXTREME SHEPERDING video. the Samsung link doesn't have squat for information. i still can't tell whether it's real or not, but i really hope it is real!

a quick search has produced a little more information on a few of the sheep artists (although i noticed the dogs didn't get any credits at all!)
  • BERNARD LLEWELLYN - "the General": and an agritourism entrepreneur
  • GERRY LEWIS - "the Player": ha, i thought this was a pseudonym! or maybe Jerry Lewis got his name from Gerry... anyway, Gerry is indeed a Welsh national sheepherding champion!
  • EMRIS WILLIAMS - "the electrician": i'm not sure, but there's a guy named EMRYS WILLIAMS who has written books on electronics.
  • ROBERT JONES - "L.E.D master": there are a LOT of Robert Joneses.

has anyone seen Monsters vs. Aliens?

and if so, did you see the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are? a colleague at work had even wondered whether he should skip theatres just to see the trailer... now this movie, i WILL see in the theatre.

NOW maybe they'll bring back the interactive WTWTA area that used to be at the Metreon in San Francisco??! (psssst...Spike Jonze...how about a live-action Chicken Soup with Rice next??!)

19 March 2009

Baaaa-studs, indeed! and a great way to start a flight.

via GuardianTech in the UK, via Viral Video Chart.

and see the rapping flight attendant on Southwest:

18 March 2009

MUSIC: Bell X1 on David Letterman 17/3/09

here is the BELL X1 VIDEO from Letterman.

again, i beg you, does anyone know what guitar he is using?!!?

browser keeps crashing...

...cos the embed code on the jimmy fallon site SUX. and i can't edit the last post.

so here is a not-so-good version of the performance.

MUSIC: Public Enemy & Bell X1 aka screw Coachella? i wanna be in Philly!

if you happened to catch PUBLIC ENEMY on Jimmy Fallon's show this week, their brilliant performance of Bring the Noise was accompanied by Antibalas' horn section and the Roots. the appearance of PROFESSOR GRIF with Nation of Islam-esque steppers, and TERMINATOR X on the turntables behind CHUCK D. and FLAVOR FLAV????!!! come on, now!

that audience was way too mellow.

and that was merely a taste of what's yet to come. turns out, not only are they scheduled to play the ROOTS' PICNIC in June, in Philadelphia...but PE will be performing their epic It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back in its freaking entirety. oh yeah, and TVOTR will perform, too.

oh yeah, did u happen to catch BELL X1 on Letterman? this is the second album i've heard, and they are both great...but tell me this song (The Great Defector) doesn't sound like the Talking Heads 2009?! no video clips yet, but you can hear them on Myspace.

oh, and could someone PLEASE tell us what guitar he is using???!

12 March 2009

MUSIC: the new Dead Weather song is a Gary Numan song!!!

Jack White's latest endeavour, THE DEAD WEATHER, is all over the press today. i hope they mention Are Friends Electric is originally a Gary Numan song!

it looks like the bass player is the same guy from the Raconteurs. and you can hear the Dead Weather's version of it on their website or on iToons.

how do you re-blog on blogger/blogspot?

blogger is a pain. often.
OK so here are posts from the TAG (The Animators' Guild) blog. i'm a little behind on reading.

the latter, i'm kinda bummed about...cos with the exception of the 'Peggy episodes', as AlSto and i call them, it is a really great show.

11 March 2009

who is KUTIMAN?

i sometimes call my cat Smaug CUTEYman.

wow, i can only imagine how long it took to do this...audio AND video! holy crap. but please give a listen, i know you'll enjoy it!

anyway, a huge thanks to JaHe for this.
this guy rocks. see KUTIMAN's other videos too.

07 March 2009

not robust enough: the time my internet search skills failed me

today, i saw the largest automobile funeral procession i have ever seen in my life. it was going westbound (i was just grateful they were headed the opposite way than i was) on Rosecrans Ave. in Sante Fe Springs, La Mirada or Norwalk...i'm not sure...between Carmenita and Valley View.

there were at least 200 cars, led by about two dozen rebuilt and restored classic 1950s era Chevrolet cars. by the time i figured out what was going on, and got my camera out to take a photo, the Chevys had all driven past...and then a pod of Harley Davidson motorcylists followed, with the entire procession for miles down the road. it required three sets of funeral escorts on motorcycles.

so, i tried for about half an hour to look for information about whose passing would have been memorialised and attracted such a large group on this day. i couldn't find anything. i tried everything, from your usual search terms, all their synonyms and the date. i tried looking up mortuaries and their schedules. i tried online maps, newspapers, blah blah. no dice. so i'm posting here so that maybe i'll remember to look again someday.

05 March 2009

MUSIC: Heavy Metal Bee Gees cover band!!!???

A heavy metal Bee Gees cover band is TRAGEDY. Literally.
Thanks to JaSo for this disturbing amalgam of two diametrically opposite music genres. Or, so i thought they were...

02 March 2009

SAM MAYNARD wants to teach you how to fix your car!

Mr. Maynard is available to teach you basic automotive repair skills...And he's in L.A.!
The 70 year old mechanic says there's no place he'd rather be than under the hood. "Oh, it's my passion, it's my passion!" i wonder if he'd teach a small group class of us...?

Listen to the story here. And, read a little more about Mr. Maynard, too. Photo via NPR/Christopher Johnson.
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