18 February 2010

Skee-Ball For "Grown-Ups"

holy crap! these people are way too serious.

too bad it looks like i wouldn't be allowed to use my 'banking technique' in this league...and i don't know what's worse, the skee puns or the ska puns Alx always makes.

In New York City, Skee-Ball For Grown-Ups

10 February 2010

Doc Robbins from CSI and me!

here he is, Robert David Hall...who is not only the coolest CSI character, but he is an incredibly nice man in real life! he even asked for my name, and remembered it, after he got off the phone! we were at Pee-Wee Live with MaMcWa and JaSo, outside of Club Nokia at L.A. Live

BTW Mr. Hall, i'm sorry i interrupted you when you were trying to find your friends!
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