29 May 2009

you think i spoil Smaug??!

yeah, these cost $200. and i bet these guys are all kittens and therefore kitten-sized? i fear i will have to wait for the IKEA version.

thanks to Kaze for this! More info on AKEMI TANAKA's design at Supermarket.

there is an episode of Aqua Teen called "Sirens"...

and this isn't it.

instead, i present to you the PILLOW-FIGHTING SLAVE LEIAS.
Via Mike Fix on Facebook, originally via ELOKETH on Flickr.

22 May 2009

Sweet jesus...

Via @JamesUrbaniak, aka 'Dr. Thaddeus Venture'.

20 May 2009

LGBT Military Hero on Rachel Maddow

i don't know what to say, except something needs to be done to stop the military's policy on 'don't ask don't tell'...

In case you can't see the video below, here is a link to my blog:

and here's a link to the video itself:

15 May 2009

VIDEO: Make the Girl Dance - Baby Baby Baby

i wish this song wasn't so darn good. If you wanna skip to the good parts, just go to :12, :58, and 2:08-ish. Many thanks to my friend and co-worker Arjun for this one!

08 May 2009

comedy according to Jonathan Goldstein

How would you define your brand of comedy?
"An attempt to confide my saddest, darkest thoughts about life to people in a way that doesn’t compel them to run away from me."

-Jonathan Goldstein via enRoute

07 May 2009

a video of everything the Anthem Magazine party was NOT.

JaHe and i were there, in all the alcohol-poisoned, heat-exhausted, testosterone-drenched, microbe-laden, piss-soaked, vomit-splotched, alpha-female disorganized clusterf(*&^ of it all. in other words, this is NOT what we experienced, whatsoever:

Anthem Ranch Party, Coachella '09 from Anthem Magazine on Vimeo.

UNBELIEVABLE. the Anthem Magazine Coachella Party was disgusting, and a hazard to one's health. anyone who disagrees, and believes this video is actually what went on, is either delusional or hallucinating, or was in the quiet air-conditioned comfourt of the ranch house itself...and not suffering with all of us idiots outside.

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