18 June 2009

Rock Hudson and Bea Arthur Sing About Drugs!?

For some, it's ...
Another brilliant video via @JamesUrbaniak, who is Dr. Venture, dammit!

11 June 2009

JaHe on YouTube!!!

watch against the wall from :35 point, after all the cars begin to pull out...and maybe AlSto @2:53, after the motorcycle goes by the orange one?

09 June 2009

see what playing frylock will get you?

T-Pain's 10lbs. and 197 karats. via pyroradio.com on the Twitter...

i'd rather be at wok.

the BRIAN LYNCH blog says '30Rock is a Ripoff of the Muppet Show'. need proof?

Pete is Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Kenneth is Scooter, Jack is Sam the Eagle, and so much more!!!!

btw just for timeline purposes: this past weekend was mellow for me (just wedding on Sat.), and crazy for the mister (Tesla rally, Lakers game). JaHe and DeRa were both in the house all weekend and we went to King's X Saturday night with PhiLe and DaLo.

02 June 2009

ANOTHER gem from JeSha...

From David Fullarton's "What i do at work when i'm supposed to be working" collection.

There's more! Check BEHANCE for photos and the SISYPHUS OFFICE EXHIBITION for more info.

who's a good boy?

via JeSha on FB!

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