27 October 2009

...cos you're hanging out just twiddling your thumbs!

remember Timer? of course, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick do!

this week's VENTURE BROTHERS featured a quote from the Monarch, referencing the animated little top-hatted cool guy from ABC:

"...or whatever turns you on." i love that. if you use TiVO, the scene happens at about the :25 point.

20 October 2009


here is a lovely Brock Sampson painting of Bigfoot and Steve Austin from the Venture Brothers.
and stay tuned for the Smaug the Desolate memorial posting and party...!!?

08 October 2009

another WTF???!!!! video...

in anticipation of the upcoming film for Where the Wild Things Are, i followed a link from the Twitt'r and found an incredible site/blog called We Love You So. (i think /hope he's talking about loving Sendak...!)

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