25 August 2010

did you know...?

The LEARN SOMETHING NEW site has many more things to learn each day, authenticated for the most part, in picture form.
Thx to @pleaseenjoy for always posting such interesting stuff for us to enjoy! :)

23 August 2010

am i just envious? jealous, even?

check it out, yet another reason to support why i say de caza is so over-the-top bourgeois in every way possible... POLO LESSONS.

pretty crazy... and read how during the lesson, you will be riding, not on a horse, but on freaking WHALEBACK (see circled) with a referee who is HALF HORSE, HALF MAN, i.e. a centaur. wow. must be nice. they're probably eating bald eagle over there, too...

02 August 2010

COOL! Painting "Fin Investigates a Rape" by Jeff Ramirez

Taken from "These Are Their Stories", a series conceived by Brandon Bird. Thx to JeRo for the link!
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