28 July 2009

only readable until next week...

POSTSECRET was quite good this week.
i'm posting this cos my friend JoMa got a binary doormat, which he figured out, says 'Welcome'. well, this is supposed to say "I'm in love with two men. I'm not married to the better of the two."
(Decoded by Alex & Troy of the Post Secret Community)

24 July 2009

MUSIC: excited about new BASEMENT JAXX

there's new music and goings on, ramping up for a fall release of the new album called Scars by the almighty BASEMENT JAXX on XL Recordings. leave it to Felix and Simon to make pitch-shift auto-tune vocal processing less annoying!!!

check this recording from the Live Lounge hour on BBC's Radio1! they sound like they have four live singers in the studio with them:

there's also a new song with Sam Sparro, called 'Feeling's Gone'; the audio is from Pete Tong's BBC show, i think...

22 July 2009

compare and contrast

check the END of this short video (start around :49) and watch the alternative fuel motorcycles on the legendary corkscrew at Laguna Seca race circuit:

(BTW that was our friend BriKa #88 at the :30 point)

and NOW check the same section of the track using combustion engine bikes during MotoGP! (Gooooooooo Rossi!)

15 July 2009

MUSIC: Huun Huur Tu are back!

everyone's favourite overtone singers from Tuva are back! along with prolific electronic/dance music producer CARMEN RIZZO, their new album is called Eternal and it's out now on Rizzo's Electrofone Records.

the mix of electronic and organic instruments, many of them indigenous to Tuvan music, really work well together. i've been a fan of Huun Huur Tu ever since i first heard their album 60 Horses in My Herd on Shanachie Records (i believe), and even though i must admit i don't know each guy's name, i can tell you the voices are the same...except for possibly one. i recognised deep-rumbly-guy, high-voice-guy and pure-voiced-guy-who-sings-the-melodies right away.

14 July 2009

Huell Howser freakout

last one.

Thanks to WaDi.


via Whalt, via paulscheer via Robertpopper.com

Monzai: BEYOND Matrix Ping Pong

taking the Matrix ping pong concept to new heights!

via JaHe.

10 July 2009

Del Taco Orange Shakes, and from SNL so-so to full on koo koo

i forget the difference between a dreamsicle and a creamsicle, but this shake sounds pretty, pretty, pretty good! i learned about the return of the orange shake from the fabulous Orange County Mexican Food blog.

and...my friend WaDi mentioned the recent fundamentalist crusade of Saturday Night Live's Victoria Jackson. and of course i forgot about it. until i read an entry today on William Lobdell's blog, that began like this:
"Obama legally kills babies and now he can legally kill Grandmas! "

08 July 2009

you're gonna like this!

this video is amazing. thanks to ChMatrix for sharing.

it's like being on acid but the stuff is actually moving on the building!

and THIS is indescribable:

but, as @shwood said, "Without the slightest trace of irony, this is the best thing Chriss Angel has ever done."

07 July 2009

RIP Andy Hughes of the Orb

with all the MJ news yesterday, today and forever, "and ever and ever and ever and ever"...it is with great shock and sadness that i have learned of the death of ANDY HUGHES, formerly of the Orb.

there's a period of my life marked by brilliant and wonderful dance music records. even into the late 1990's, so many albums were life changing for me, cos the artists and producers of the dance music world were just hitting their stride. that's where the classic 'Toxygene' came in, off the Orblivion album.

pure beauty. in between all the MJ stuff, or even instead of, give it a listen. i swear that train whistle is from BANCO DE GAIA's 'Last Train to Lhasa'.

02 July 2009

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