26 February 2008

as soon as i figure out how to upload audio...

...i will. this is a podcast i recorded for a private intranet website. but, i liked the way it turned out so here it is, without the music. just pretend to insert them into the spaces marked ==.

You may recognize the name Stephen Malkmus, for his work as the singer and guitarist of the trailblazing indie rock band, Pavement, from the 1990s. But after Pavement broke up, Malkmus continued to showcase his fertile mind and musical prowess in a few one-off projects, and most notably on solo releases both with and without his band, the Jicks.
Now based out of Portland, Oregon, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks have released a new album, called Real Emotional Trash. it’s the first release for Malkmus in a few years, and it’s his first album to share its name with one of its songs. Real Emotional Trash won’t be a disappointment to music fans who long to hear skilled guitar work, quirky lyrics, and an intelligent take on psychedelic low fidelity.
Malkmus has played with The Jicks in some shape or form for years, and the current lineup includes bassist Joanna Bolme, keyboardist Mike Clark, and former Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss. The quartet has a palpable chemistry, and succeeds in putting complex elements behind a noisy exterior for an all-around accessible sound.
Real Emotional Trash officially has three sides. For LP collectors, this means it’s one side short of a double album. For others, this may mean an album that's too long. However, each song sounds as if it belongs, like each song is an essential contribution to the whole, and so, the length of the album isn’t excessive.
Several of the songs have been described by Malkmus as “triple part saga, acid mind blowers”, and that’s as good a description as any.
There are also shorter, more direct songs on the album, and some of them feature Malkmus’ remarkable ability to double his vocal parts with his guitar…or maybe he’s actually doubling his guitar with his vocals… Regardless, the result would be a fantastic thing to witness live, and on record, it is a moving, effective technique.
Various parts of the album were recorded in locations in Montana and Oregon with one engineer, T.J. Doherty, who recorded the last two Wilco albums. Then, after some recording equipment mishaps, the album was taken to be mixed in yet a different place, with a different producer, Nick Vernhes. In interviews, Stephen Malkmus describes Real Emotional Trash as a “great record (made) the very hard way”, but you don’t hear any of
the trouble that went into the making of this great album. At least, once you give it a listen, you'll be grateful for every little bump in the road the Jicks had to endure.

22 February 2008

what ever happened to....PART 2

in my teenage years, i had a large number of pen pals. i found/"met" a few of them through a magazine called Star Hits and then things grew from there. i had pretty intense friendships with these people for a while, and i wonder where they ended up. if you've heard of any of these people, please have them contact me!
  • THOMAS KUFFEL: lived in Modesto, CA
  • JORGE ________: from Columbia, went to SUNY, fantastic artist
  • PHIL WEST/PHIL KEY: lived in Seattle, loved music, so funny and a writer?
  • WILL __________: the king of XTC fans. he read a lot of books and worked in a bookstore.
  • GEORGE KING: lived in Hollywood. we were actually pretty good friends for a while.
  • TOZAR NORRIS: i met him through George King.

20 February 2008

did i ever show you this?

i found a new fun website: http://barackobamaisyournewbicycle.com/

19 February 2008


so, imagine my surprise to see an entire box of these sitting on the counter in the coffee room at the office... i'm going to let this fine entry from JUNK FOOD BLOG fill in the rest.
and YES, i took two, but NO, i haven't tried them yet.

12 February 2008

Raves & Pharma

we got turned on to a new DJ/artist(producer), TIGERSKIN, saturday night at the ABSURD RECORDINGS party in downtown l.a. he had some really fat sounds, performing live with an 8 channel mixing desk, an 808 and i think a 303, plus his powerbook that was running serato, i think... tigerskin showed me once again why i love german techno so damn much. there was a portion of his set where he used the cool repeating man-voice from DHS' 'House of God' track, which was f*&^ing brilliant. and then he twisted up a piece of that stabby siren-sounding thing from Prodigy's 'Charly'... ah, memories!

and to top the night off into the morning was the legendary EVIL EDDIE RICHARDS. he played a great set as he always does, albeit a little slow, maybe? who knows, it was probably just my perception. in any case, we are so lucky to have him play out here a few times a year!

the location was more or less near alameda between staples centre and the 10 freeway. the temperature inside was good, even tho everyone seemed to be smoking cigarettes indoors...COUGH. but the sound was freaking excellent, as it always is at absurd parties. if you know me, you know how much i despise clubs and promoters who gather a bunch of people together to listen or dance to music and then have crap sound systems. the absurd parties never disappoint.

our friend JaHe was in town from las vegas, and he went with us. we all had a freaking GREAT time, except this bunch of 30 year olds dancing on concrete for hours came home with some leg and back pain. i'm so out of shape.

one last thing, i'm doing my own version of this fabulous article on SLATE.com from a while back. check back with me for details!

06 February 2008


at MY polling place on St. Andrews Pl. in zip 90621, they asked me to remove my Barack Obama tshirt. i suppose that makes sense cos you're not supposed to 'campaign' within a certain number of feet of a polling place...at least that's what my friend WaDi told me.

however, at a polling place at San Dimas Sheriff's station, my 'decline-to-state' friend ChriCa asked for a democrat ballot, which she took and filled out a vote for Obama. she did not fill out any other votes at the time for the various propositions. upon turning it in, an alarm went off and the lady working asked "did you not vote for anything?" and my friend replied, "yes, but just for president". the lady told her "give it to me, i'll take care of it." but my friend had no guarantee that her vote was counted. on top of this, my friend later learned the polling place lady had neglected to tell her that she should have indicated 'democrat' on the ballot, even though she had asked for, and supposedly had been given, one. what's up with that??!!
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