22 February 2012

100% medically [IN] accurate

let it be known that today is the day that AlSto and PhiLe viewed the second full sequence... THANK YOU, Tom Sicks! i mean, Six!

16 February 2012

the state of dance music at the Grammys

'I know it's not cool to get too hung up on "authenticity," but this was not what dance-music culture looks or feels like. Most DJs and laptop performers actually do something onstage.'
 Read Philip Sherburne's well-written piece at spin.com:  Dance Music at the Grammys: What Skrillex, Deadmau5, David Guetta, et al. Mean (or Don't) .

He's referring to the perplexing performance seen here:

21221222542 by YardieGoals

06 February 2012

"think of the possibilities of having multiple Quinns..."

...or venuses! whereas our recent January trip to Yosemite was documented by our friend thusly: my problem is that i could NOT view this photosynth document, which was developed using Microsoft technology, on my Windows 7.5 (WP7) "smart" phone!!!?? wtf, indeed.

my technologically superiour friend WaDi captured this wonderfully sewn together photosynth of our stop at a viewing spot just outside the big tunnel on the way to Yosemite Valley.
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