26 November 2007

Band of Horses @ Glass House in Pomona

i REALLY like Band of Horses. if you know me, you know they're my most recent favourite. if you're still not convinced, let me tell you, they're the only record i've played at work which has caught the interest of my (totally disparate in terms of taste, age, lifestyle, etc.) co-workers... i'm talking, they came into my office at separate times and asked me who i was playing.

it was a f(*&ing brilliant show.

and, it sounded as if their tour was coming to an end...for north america, anyway, cos if you check their website, they're on their way to europe for the next couple of months. it was weird cos the entire crowd was completely silent during and after each song. god, i HATE l.a. crowds! the keyboardist called us the "most well-behaved audience" but that's such crap. if l.a. people are SO into music, then how come no one sings a goddamn word aloud like they do in britain, and no one screams during the songs like they do in japan, and no one makes a little noise like they do in every other part of the country???!

many thank yous to the nice sound guy who gave me the set list.

19 November 2007

Bunny from RITM @ Monday Night Social

i went with alx and AlHo.

suffice to say, BUNNY (from RABBIT IN THE MOON) f(*&ing rocked it. and, so did FREDDY BE.

i don't like it when the ratio of men to women is like 5:1, but that's when i know i'm there to see someone GOOOOOOOD.

bunny played wicked stuff and even threw in some remixes of MOBY's 'Yeah'. classic.

i left my purple pavilions sweater there at the Nacional, tho. my friend kristin gave it to me. i'm REALLY bummed about that. i hope i get it back.

17 November 2007

DJ Culture 5 year Anniversary!

we went to the five year anniversary bbq for DJ CULTURE, which is the store of our friend SIMPLY JEFF. there was food, giveaways, and music, of course. SWEDISH EGIL spun a fantastic set, as usual...

it was a lot of fun. we saw some old friends we hadn't seen in a while.

representing: MARS-FM!!!

14 November 2007

nice and easy was nice and fun...and plastic

went to the nice and easy store in la mirada california on santa gertrudes and imperial highway. it was a weird combination of trader joe's and albertsons, with the lighting of 'one hour photo' thrown in.

  • cheap cage free eggs
  • tons of their own 'nice and easy' brand
  • pasta is 69 cents for a pound
  • organic this and whole wheat that
  • super friendly employees
  • decent wine section


  • self checkout
  • accepts coupons
  • name brand stuff like fritos and stouffers
  • lots of fresh meat [sausages with i think synthetic casing] and fish [we're talking freaking catfish with their heads and whiskers!!!?]

i guess i was bummed about their supposed green approach, which in reality meant: plastic wrappers on individual pieces of produce, and 'reusable' shopping bags, which were like those huge plastic to-go bags that you get at buca di beppo's, except sans the sturdy cardboard bottom. the thing about these is, once they're worn out, you turn them to the store for another plastic bag!??

i was also bummed cos the store wasn't fully stocked [read: shelves were empty];the nice and easy chips are in 10-ounce bags only [although still less than $2.50];and although they carry secret and mitchum deodorant, they don't carry mentadent toothpaste or filo dough.

we went out of our way to shop here tonight, and i think i'd go there in the same way i go out of the way to shop at trader joe's. plus, the food actually tastes pretty damn good. the thing i REALLY like about nice and easy, though, is how they are committed to serving underserved communities with their healthy, somewhat green approach. that's a LOT more than trader joe's can say, with their cropping up in every bougie neighbourhood that doesn't have a whole foods.

shop there and tell me what you think.

13 November 2007

People i am looking for...

i used to work at Tower Records in Southern California, and over the years (eleven, in fact) i met a lot of very cool people. i don't know where they went. Have you heard of any of these people? If so, please have them contact me!

  • ALAN LOVE (He used to work for Crown Books)
  • PETER FLORES (His sisters went to high school with me)
  • CHAD ARMSTRONG (Used to have a girlfriend named Tutu)
  • DALLAS CALEY (i think he's still in the Orange County area)
  • DIRK ADCOCK (Crazy fun guy who moved to Michigan)
  • SANDRINE ____________ (She is Mauritian)
  • "REX" _____________ (Mathematician from UCLA)
This is part one of many.

07 November 2007

kenna @ the grove

we went to see KENNA at the grove in anaheim (not to be mistaken for the grove in l.a.). i love the tours he gets to open for, cos there is no perfect fit for this guy, and that's why i love his music so much. the SWR crowd was weird, like jaded morrissey fans or mexigoths from vice magazine or something...

kenna was fantastic, even though he played only six songs or so in 40 minutes. and, we got to meet him briefly at the merch stand after the show. such a nice guy. listen to his record! you WON'T be disappointed, unless you're a total jerk.
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