23 November 2011

i love this song!

CHILDISH GAMBINO's Bonfire. hilarious! sorry for the commercial. i am AMAZING SPECIALIST.

in case something happens

  • approximately 10.05am on Wednesday in Orange County, the city of Orange, CA at business on Yale Ave.
  • incident began while driving south on Main St. after turning from eastbound Taft Ave.
  • white dodge ram pickup, windows NOT tinted, with no rear license plate
  • after truck was driving very slowly and weaving in and out of right lane, v honked loudly and drove around the truck to make a right onto westbound Yale Ave.  
  • v pulled into parking lot and was followed by and blocked in by truck.
  • one 20-something white male; uneven pink flawed skin, curly hair, bluish or otherwise light eyes; southern accent ["you better watch what you do." "...b1*c^!" ] exited truck and came up yelling to v's vehicle's closed window
  • this white male struck driver's window very hard with open palm
  • two other males in truck, unidentifiable
  • truck drove westbound in parking lot, went around and exited out west driveway

21 November 2011

Vince Clarke + Martin Gore x Überzone = YES

Mute Records announced an upcoming collaboration between two of my and many others' (especially those who grew up as i did, in the 80s) personal heroes, Vince Clarke and Martin Gore called VCMG.

This weekend Alx and i ran into Q aka Überzone, described as "the influential Californian electronic artist" in the above link, who has been busy in the studio mixing the album for VCMG!  It comes out in spring 2012.

More info about the VCMG project is on FB here.

11 November 2011

crazy rammstein video

possibly, one of their best ones, yet! via the band's vimeo.

Rammstein - Mein Land from Rammstein on Vimeo.

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