29 December 2009

do you have 22 minutes?

then please watch TALK TO ME! it's a short film documentary about a man, Mark Craig, who accumulated twenty years' worth of answering machine messages, and what he did with them.

sorry 'tisn't embeddable. the Guardian UK wrote an article on the film back when it was shown at a festival in 2007. and many many thanks, once again, to one of the best finders of cool s*&^ on the internet: JeSha!!!

28 December 2009

bad poster, bad!

thx to my friend DaOf who sez: "Racism in the workplace is unacceptable, unless HR is doing it."


21 December 2009

the awesome dancing traffic cop! plus Mo Rocca.

this was on CBS Morning News this weekend.

Watch CBS News Videos Online
other than the fact that i want to go to Providence, RI now, i was surprised to hear how familiar Mo is (and Officer Lapore too) with so many dance terms/names of dance movements...

14 December 2009

my newest favourite Jeopardy guy

Nellis commander completes 6-show run on 'Jeopardy!'

i should've/could've watched all personal info segments during the show, i suppose...but i learned more about DAVE BELOTE recently from Nellis Air Force Base's website. AlSto, our friend JaHe and i were wondering what rank he was, and it turns out he's a colonel. and also the 12th highest Jeopardy winner...?!

what a smart guy... and i can't wait to see him in the T o' C!

11 December 2009

the last song on R.Kelly's new album is called Pregnant

HUGE thank you to RiSmi for showing me this, of the song PREGNANT, featuring Robin Thicke and The-Dream... (see it here in case the following is not visible! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fkbxxe5StKM )

10 December 2009

who comes up with this stuff? closing ceremonies

beautiful (and a little creepy) stuff from LIFE MAGAZINE.

01 December 2009

i wish Smaug could see this...

a co-worker sent me the following email today:

Jennifer and Luke were getting very high water bills and could not figure out why. Despite all their attempts to conserve water, the bills continued to be very high. They figured they must have a leak somewhere in their house so they hired a plumbing specialist to investigate their entire system. He could find no problem whatsoever. One day, Luke was home sick and while in bed on the second floor, he heard water running continuously below him. He decided to find out the source of the running water and soon discovered the cause of their problems. He decided to videotape this for posterity… Please watch:

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