31 August 2009

La Cañada/Flintridge fire time lapse

Thanks to CraBru for this!

25 August 2009

smaug isn't diagnosed yet...

last week: normal glucose meant no diabetes. hooray! went home with Reglan for vomiting and bacteria supplements to help digestion.

although bloodwork showed normal liver and kidney function, and (i think) normal free T4 level so no hyperthyroidism...there was high WBC count, so now he's on antibiotics.

xray today showed 'a mass' in his intestine. going for an ultrasound tomorrow morning.
now hoping it isn't intestinal small cell lymphoma.

24 August 2009

video of Asian kid from the (Web) Soup

this week, the Soup showed a clip of an Asian kid reacting to some Vanessa Hudgens video he saw... it's kinda disturbing.

UPDATE: this kid is wild! he's got a whole bunch of videos online...

23 August 2009

cat massage

Thanks to DanOf!

19 August 2009

El Bullì or BUST!

after course 12, i imagined i still would have been hungry. after course 30, maybe not so much...? check out the beautiful photos (and videos!).

MANY thanks to ArBa for the link to this!

14 August 2009

all hail our own hypnotoad!!!

if you know me, you know my brother Kaze is a collector of wildlife, of sorts...

recently, AlSto and i found out that this little gentleman (i anthropomorphize everything as male, apparently...but how does one gender reptiles, anyway?) lives in our kitchen area. isn't he the awesomest!???

Kaze calls him an 'ambush predator'. how cool is that??!

13 August 2009

Ukraine's got talent...in creepy intense packages.

Many thanks to MaMcwa for this video (via EW.com)!

this girl reminds me of Emily the Strange.

i wish i spoke Ukrainian to get the full impact of the emotion of her drawings. according to Agnehka on Youtube, 'she writes at the end "You are with us always" (with the meaning, it doesn't matter how far you are - you are in our thoughts, so we are together).' along with the 1945 year, when the Nazis first attacked?

12 August 2009

i feel kinda icky about this...

Thanks to ChriCa (via the Latin Loop)!
This article tells us about a new educational toy for our youngsters. From Spain comes "a new era of dolls, a doll called Bebe Gloton, or Glutton Baby, that can be used for breastfeeding practice..."


06 August 2009

another PS gem and Shakira too

another POST SECRET secret:

and this one is soooooooooo awesome!
My husband installed a medicine cabinet with a false top in our bathroom. Every time we have someone over to our house for the first time, we remove everything that's in the cabinet and fill it with ping pong balls. We know which of our friends are secret snoops when we hear all the ping pongs balls crashing all over!

oh and in case you have seen this most hideous of music videos! please, make it stop.

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