31 July 2012

18 July 2012

i think Frank Ocean's been in Orange County, CA

i DIG this!

too many bottles of this wine we cant pronounce
too many bowls of that green no lucky charms
the maids come around too much
parents aint around enough
too many joy rides in daddy’s jaguar
too many white lies & white lines
super rich kids with nothing but loose ends
super rich kids with nothing but fake friends

start my day up on the roof
theres nothing like this type of view point the clicker at the tube
i prefer expensive news
new car new girl
new ice new glass
new watch good times babe
its good times yeah
she wash my back three times a day
this shower head feels so amazing
we’ll both be high
the help don’t stare they just walk by
they must dont care
a million one a million two
a hundred more will never do


i’m searching for a real love i’m searching for a real love
close your eyes for what you cant imagine
we are the xany gnashing caddy smashing bratty ass
he mad he snatched his daddys jag
& used the shit for batting practice
adamant & he thrashing
purchasing crappy grams
with half the hand of cash you handed
panic & patch me up
pappy done latch keyed us
toying with raggy annes & mammy done had enough
brash as fuck breaching all these aqueducts

(Frank Ocean)
we end our day up on the roof
i say i’ll jump i never do
but when im drunk i act a fool (talkin bout)
do they sew wings on tailored suits
im on that ledge she grabs my arm
she slaps my head
its good times yeah
sleeve rips off i slip i fall
the markets down like sixty stories
& some dont end the way they should
my silver spoon has fed me good
a million one a million cash
close my eyes & feel the crash


real love
(aint that something rare)
i’m searching for a real love
(talkin bout real love)
real love yea
real love
i’m searching for a real love talkin bout a real love

17 July 2012

celebrating The Endless' 25th anniversary

Sandman From JH Williams' Flickr.
From JH Williams' Flickr.
so, NEIL GAIMAN is returning to Vertigo to commemorate a quarter century with Dream, Death, Delirium, Desire, Destiny, Destruction and Despair... with JH Williams, no less...
HUGE thanks to JaHe for sharing this news.

13 July 2012

ANOTHER reason i want to go to Norway: Magnus Carlsen

first PETTER SOLBERG, and now Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen...?! #tivodelay

10 July 2012

VIDEO: you got cookie, so share it maybe?

leave it to Cookie Monster to turn an awful song into something AWESOME! thanks to CoFin and DanEf for sharing.
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