26 January 2008


if you know me, you know that i really, really love television. i refer to my TiVO as an animate object. i want to teach a graduate course on "television and its impact on ____" with my friend FraKa, complete with weekly podcast. i rewind an episode after i've watched it, just to see who the writer(s) was (were), and the directors, too (some of the time). tv is something i hold dear to my heart and i spend as much time watching tv as most people do watching films.

in any case, i noticed in the past few weeks that the quality of writing in television programmes has become, i don't know, better...or at the very least, different.

it's as if all the writers knew how imminent the strike was, and so they decided to go balls out, so to speak. it's as if the writers wanted us to realise that there is something to be said for shows that do not rely on the reality factour. it's as if the writers knew they didn't know when their stuff would get made next, so they decided to put their best foot forward and give us some tv that would make us, the true tv fanatic, miss their writing.

i've been rationing out my new television episode broadcasts (read: i've been hoarding on my TiVO) over the past month or so. i like how the networks have tried to make their new episodes/shows last over the duration of the season. but, the tap is running dry.

please, directors, actors, studios: negotiate with the writers! admit it, they've got what you need. television needs writers.

and god*@&^ it, KCRW fundraiser started today. S%^# !!!

22 January 2008


  • GUI BORATTO is playing avaland this weekend. i am SO there. he's the greatest thing since i discovered tech-house.
  • the drug dextromethorphan (street name DXM...who woulda guessed it?) can be abused...as portrayed on the latest episode of INTERVENTION. i guess that's what i was going for the one time i tried to recreationally use robitussin cough syrup.
  • CARL KARCHER passed away! what a bummer. i met him once; he introduced himself to me inside the elevator at st. jude's hospital in fullerton, back when my mom was there and his wife, too. super nice guy. and even tho i hate all the condiments they've put on his stuff lately, i have such fond, fond memories of western bacon cheeseburgers from back in the day. yum. may he rest in peace.
  • LOVE AND ROCKETS played a little show at the key club in hollywood in december. they're also playing COACHELLA this year, along with PORTISHEAD and the usual lineup of about a hundred acts. f*&$.

03 January 2008

go, Obama! and other things.

i'm so thrilled to hear Obama won the Iowa caucus, even tho caucusing is a pretty lame thing. i remember what i learned about caucuses in school, but still had to consult a bunch of online sources to help me get a handle on them; i tried answers.com, several dictionaries, still doesn't make a lot of sense. still, slate.com has a pretty good EXPLAINER on the subject...

what else? oh yeah, please see my creepy photos of a fred thompson supporter who has donned AMERICAN FLAG CONTACT LENSES (check the 3 Jan. 08 entry)!

ok i guess that's it for now, at least until we get back from the Bay Area. we're flying Virgin America again...
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