31 May 2011

a new way for me and the husband to hang out together

this one is called ANIMALS; the new one is called FOOD. stay tuned!

30 May 2011

that IS what Prince played that night!!?...

these are the songs Prince played at the forum on the final night of his 21-show residency in Los Angeles...i was lucky to attend with BriKa (and thanks also for the setlist link!) and AlSto.

26 May 2011

a Noble Experiment, indeed...

in San Diego. many thanks to the incredible team of Pedro, Eric, Anthony, Erica and Hayley (sp?) for a truly memorable evening!
at Noble Experiment: San Diego, CA

and, as it states on the back of the menu:

Certain gentlemen of other days

who made of drinking one of the pleasures of life

not one of its evils, and who,

whatever they drank, proved able to carry it,

keep their heads and remain gentlemen,

even in their cups.

Their example is commended

to their posterity.

10 May 2011

i HEART foetus

...née JG Thirlwell, et al!

thanks to JACKSON PUBLICK's blog for this awesome bit of live music:

Steroid Maximus: Venture Bros Medley from JG Thirlwell on Vimeo.

03 May 2011

Brian Matrix has me feeling progressive...

...musically, that is.

DJ Rap's imprint and management company, Propa /Impropa Talent recently sent a track called FIRE produced by Southern California's Brian Matrix.

for as much as i've been bored with most progressive house lately, there's something about his straightforward yet solid production that really catches my ear. turn this track up and listen to that stuttered string thing...he uses it just enough to take it to that next level. i hope the DJs are all over this one. now, let's DANCE!
Brian Matrix - "Fire Sound" by BrianMatrix
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