22 September 2011

20 September 2011

Heinz, you've done it. and now, everyone's going to do it.

if you know me, even a little bit, you know i've often asked, how come they don't make stupid plastic condiment packets easier, bigger and easier to biodegrade??!

i saw this today, and now i'm wondering what great invention or patent i should be working on next?


10 September 2011

9/10/11 an hour past 12 in an electric sportscar.

AlSto and i spent the day with BriKa driving in the 2011 Southern California Tesla Rally. Tesla owners/VIPs came from as far away as San Diego and Arizona to participate in the third annual drive. it had the largest turnout yet, with about 40 all-electic powered vehicles and roadsters!

we began at the Hawthorne Design Centre, where the prototype of the new S-model Tesla is rumoured to be stored.

i had the privilege of riding co-driver in car #125 AND #77 this year. more short videos are on youtube, including some confusing topsy-turvy footage as we embarked with the help of Hawthorne's finest(?, below).

not bad for a Saturday!???

02 September 2011

JLP, Kid Congo, Patricia Morrison = perfection.

listened to all of GUN CLUB's Las Vegas Story today.

this video is about as good as it gets... with the exception of the weird back and forth switch editing toward the middle. i still hope they play this entire album at my funeral.
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