23 August 2015



Tonight, we celebrate the final episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and bid farewell to the series also known as Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever, Aqua TV Show Show, Aqua Teen Something You Know Whatever or ATHF, from Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. This show is a source of countless private jokes between my husband and I, and the reason why i made a pilgrimage to Williams Street in Atlanta, Georgia several years ago. Aqua Teen is also quite possibly the only tv program i can recite word for word, karaoke style.

THANK YOU Dave Willis, Matt Maiellaro, Carey Means, Dana Snyder, Ned Hastings, Mike Lazzo and Keith Crofford! Also special thanks to Nick Ingkatanuwat, who has shown me that a person CAN get a real job from an internship, at least outside of Los Angeles. Thanks to you all for all the joy and groans you have brought us!
v & Frylock during happy times
v & Frylock during happy times.

All players choose a main character (Master Shake, Meatwad, Frylock or Carl).

All players choose a side character (NOT Master Shake, Meatwad, Frylock or Carl) from Season 1 through 10. If playing with a small group, you may choose more than one, but don't forget who your characters are! (For example, Randy the Magnificent = OK, The Hairy Bus = NOT ok.)

  • Player's main character specifically does this: MASTER SHAKE - Uses his hands or raises his eyebrows. MEATWAD - Shape changes or cries. FRYLOCK - Shows his braces or his back jewel. CARL - Runs or smiles.  
  • Player's main character or side character dies onscreen.  
  • Player's chosen side character makes its first appearance. 
  • Player spots a sight gag or homage to past episode. (For example, in this season/season 11, there was a Broodwich in a pile of junk, and in another episode, at the mall there was a bricked-in hole shaped like a Rabbot.) 

ALL PLAYERS DRINK EAT KALE when in the episode there is: 
  • An explosion. 
  • A brand new character. 
  • An appearance of a George Lowe character or voice. 
  • A "celebrity" appears in the episode. (Like Danzig, John Kruk, Andrew WK etc.) 
  • A character voiced by David Cross. 
 **This is not a drinking game. **
For those who prefer to download their own copy: here's a link to an Evernote version and a pdf.

19 April 2015

Buena Park: Vote YES ON MEASURE A

Who would like your support for Measure A?

Buena Park residents. Includes the people, entrepreneurs, individuals and families who own homes, work, have businesses, live and go to school in the city of Buena Park.

Measure A - vote election golf Buena Park

Who wants you to vote no?
Los Coyotes Country Club. It is non-inclusive, only serving a small percentage of citizens and developers. Their "amenities and exclusive benefits make it one of the most coveted private club memberships in Orange County". [1]
Click to enlarge

And, the California Apartment Association.
 They are lobbyists "who are the most effective network of Government advocacy for rental property owners " in Sacramento. [2]

Non-residents & big business oppose Measure A


REFERENCES for above:
1- Website here.
2- Website here.

11 March 2015

TV: FishCenter Live is our new obsession...

...make that, your new addiction.

A photo posted by @fishcenterlive on

try it out: FishCenter Live.

MUSIC: Gaye family lawsuit ruling - an ironic title? Blurred Lines

so how's everyone feeling about the outcome of Williams, Thicke, Harris vs. Bridgeport Music, Gaye et al, or as i like to call it, "aka the case of today's music mediocrity, late legends, and myopia"?

...and by myopic, i mean having zero perspective and lack of historical awareness.

today's judgment is the outcome of just the latest in a series of music industry copyright cases that may or may not change the landscape of songwriting, recordings and all the things we hold dear to the artistic process.

what IS music, art, creativity and/or an original idea, anyway? part of what bewilders me about this case is the way Robin Thicke denies accountability and excused himself from the songwriting process by blaming drugs and then claiming he was physically absent while the song took shape in the studio. despite this, dude still supposedly earned millions of dollars off the song.

of course, there's a part of me that wonders: what exactly about art / music is/was truly able to be conveyed to non-musician jurors in a courtroom, as evidence? to what extent is Marvin Gaye's estate truly concerned with Marvin's intellectual property and best interest, if they're trying to halt sales of "Blurred Lines"?

From Randall Roberts' opinion-editorial in Los Angeles Times, 6 March 2015:

Producer Brian Eno, responsible for seminal work with artists including U2, David Bowie, Coldplay, Devo and others, told me a few years ago that this new openness marks a vital shift. He noticed that during recent recording sessions artists often referenced old recordings as part of the creative process. We suddenly refer to music a lot in a way that never used to happen. 
"When you went into the studio in the past, you went to a space that was actually, deliberately sealed off from music, because the only music you were supposed to be hearing in there was yours," he said. "And this sudden thought that the whole library of recorded music is there and available to you as reference material, really, I think that's changed the way people work a lot. So as a composer, I think it makes a really big difference, because it sort of erases history in a way."

yeah, pretty much. i want to blame technology, complacency, hubris, and a grip of other things. i also want to enter law school now more than ever maybe.

but god i hope it's not true.

19 December 2013

what i do at work...

01 November 2013

move ON, electronic music tourists!

i shudder to use the term 'EDM' and i am suspicious of anyone who uses it.

i've yet to read Matthew Adell (ceo of Beatport)'s Ask Me Anything but that guy has dance music in his heart and blood. for now.

electronic music was here before downloads, and will remain here after these irresponsible trendy dubstep-loving co-opters go away. these days, it's as if people don't remember the first dance music wave (as we currently know it) that hit in the early part of the century. remember trance music? it too subsided, but the undercurrent remained. and back then, there was Las Vegas but 'twas nothing like the LAS VEGAS of today...

so i ♥ you, Matthew Adell! and thanks to Digital Music News for the above quote,  in response to some idiot who tried to politely state how electronic music is a fad.

21 October 2013

Sound Programming: Specialty Music Services - CMJ Music Marathon 2013 Conference Panel

this past week, i had the privilege of moderating a panel called"Sound Programming: Specialty Music Services" at College Music Journal's (CMJ) annual music marathon conference. the panel took place on Wednesday October 16th, 11:00 AM–12:00 PM at NYU's Kimmel Center, Room 406, 60 Washington Square South New York, NY 10012. the panel was described this way:

"Music played on airplanes, in stores, restaurants, and sports venues is usually programmed by professional specialty music services. Get a better understanding on the lesser-known opportunities to promote and market your music, from different business models and programming to the submission and review process for respective channels."

From R to L: Brian (Columbia Records); v; Heather (Vapor Music); Dan (Man Made Music); Dean (Play Networks).

01 August 2013

and now something for the entomophagists...

for all your bug-based protein dietary needs, i give you the home tabletop bug incubator. it's like having a farm on your countertop!

24 July 2013

VIDEO: Detroit Techno IS Important to the World!

First installment of SUB.Culture's Detroit series documents the Movement festival, formerly known as Detroit Electronic Music Festival or DEMF. Via http://thump.vice.com.
One day, i will be there!
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