27 December 2012

1992's best records according to vks

please stay tuned...but for now, check these out for a little taste!

06 November 2012

world leaders congratulate Obama via the Twitt'r

@AmamaMbabazi (Prime Minister of Uganda) @BarackObama Congratulations from Uganda. A victory so well deserved!

@NajibRazak (Lebanese Prime Minister) Congratulations @BarackObama on being elected to a 2nd term. I hope our countries’ relationship continues to go from strength to strength.

@Number10gov (UK) PM: Warm congratulations to my friend @BarackObama. Look forward to continuing to work together.

@jensstoltenberg (PM of Norway) I congratulate @BarackObama on the reelection. Will continue our good relations.

@JuliaGillard (Australian Prime Minister) My sincere congratulations to President @BarackObama on your re-election! JG

@David_Cameron (UK PM) Warm congratulations to my friend @BarackObama. Look forward to continuing to work together.

@BarrosoEU (E.U. Commission President) Warm congratulations to President @BarackObama. Looking forward to continuing to work together for an even stronger relationship. /JMB

@euHvR (President of the European Council) Heureux de l'élection du Président Obama #Obama .Herman Van Rompuy

Check other Twitt'r accounts via verified world leaders list on Twitter and the Atlantic

04 November 2012

29 October 2012

26 October 2012

MUSIC: new Placebo! video for B3

woo! it's been too long. :) this is the lead single from their new five-track ‘B3' EP. did you see them play it in Russia in September 2012?

the video is meh...but i've always liked their part-era-of-Suede-and-Elastica, part-Gary Numan aesthetic. just listen, don't watch...

19 October 2012

graphic novel of A Wrinkle in Time?

haven't read this book in years! and even though Madeleine L'Engle never wanted her book illustrated, here you go:

02 October 2012


Sorry my friends but there's no time to snore
An out-of-touch millionaire has just declared war
On schools, the environment, unions, fair pay
We're all on our own if Romney has his way...


19 September 2012

Bloc Party's 'Kettling' refers to police tactic

according to the CBC: "The use of the word kettle in this instance is based on the German word "kessel" — a cauldron, or kettle — to describe an encircled army about to be annihilated by a superior force... The analogy is that for soldiers in the kettle, it would quickly become unbearably hot."


We smash the window
Popo don’t f*** around
As their cameras take pictures of us
We just laugh
We laugh

Because they can’t stop this
We can feel it in our bones
The future’s ours, yes it is
We can feel it in our bones

We drop the lighter into the gas
If the whole world is watching us
Let them watch us
Let them watch

They can’t stop this
We can feel it in our bones
The future’s ours, yes it is
We can feel it in our bones
* from AZ Lyrics

05 September 2012

chatroulette pranking of Psy's 'Gangnam Style'

4 days straight of filming/"dance choreography",
1 day of moving the entire living room,
1 day of cleaning, and 1 all nighter of editing =
a week of Gangnam style LIVE...on chatroulette.

(and how nice of Stef&Stefani to mention his buddies!)--->
HUGE thanks to my housemates for putting up with me: CYR: http://youtube.com/iamcyr JACK: http://youtube.com/Jacksfilms

20 August 2012

MUSIC: two Rufus Wainwright videos

in case you didn't see my previous mention, the latest RUFUS WAINWRIGHT album is fantastic. it has renewed my love of him, and his music.

the CBS video here cuts out on Montauk right before the beautiful accidentals in the melody. listen for them, in the last song of the Tiny Desk Concert above!

16 August 2012

let the K-Pop hilarity ensue!

a little something scary from TMB SHOW, complete with eye candy...and probably brain toxin, too. you can't ignore the fact that PSY, according to the interview, graduated from Berklee College of Music. pretty awesome.

14 August 2012

MUSIC: gorgeous sounds from Actress!

Andrew Matson writes about ACTRESS on npr:
"Sidechaining is a common effect used by producers in dance music to make that pumping, woomp-woomp-woomp sound. Actress uses it in a punk rock way, sidechaining elements of the track to the drum, then removing the drum, throwing away what was supposed to be the big draw — leaving rhythmic remnants of sonic pressure. It makes the track feel like a sausage being squished from the outside."

06 August 2012

VIDEO: Golden Clouds by the Orb with Lee 'Scratch' Perry

2012 continuation of Little Fluffy Clouds...more like permutation...but even better! Dr. Lx and Fehlmann look like they're having a grand old time with the dub master Perry!

LOVE the studio footage at the very end. Thanks to Kip at Tell All Your Friends PR for turning me on to this.

31 July 2012

18 July 2012

i think Frank Ocean's been in Orange County, CA

i DIG this!

too many bottles of this wine we cant pronounce
too many bowls of that green no lucky charms
the maids come around too much
parents aint around enough
too many joy rides in daddy’s jaguar
too many white lies & white lines
super rich kids with nothing but loose ends
super rich kids with nothing but fake friends

start my day up on the roof
theres nothing like this type of view point the clicker at the tube
i prefer expensive news
new car new girl
new ice new glass
new watch good times babe
its good times yeah
she wash my back three times a day
this shower head feels so amazing
we’ll both be high
the help don’t stare they just walk by
they must dont care
a million one a million two
a hundred more will never do


i’m searching for a real love i’m searching for a real love
close your eyes for what you cant imagine
we are the xany gnashing caddy smashing bratty ass
he mad he snatched his daddys jag
& used the shit for batting practice
adamant & he thrashing
purchasing crappy grams
with half the hand of cash you handed
panic & patch me up
pappy done latch keyed us
toying with raggy annes & mammy done had enough
brash as fuck breaching all these aqueducts

(Frank Ocean)
we end our day up on the roof
i say i’ll jump i never do
but when im drunk i act a fool (talkin bout)
do they sew wings on tailored suits
im on that ledge she grabs my arm
she slaps my head
its good times yeah
sleeve rips off i slip i fall
the markets down like sixty stories
& some dont end the way they should
my silver spoon has fed me good
a million one a million cash
close my eyes & feel the crash


real love
(aint that something rare)
i’m searching for a real love
(talkin bout real love)
real love yea
real love
i’m searching for a real love talkin bout a real love

17 July 2012

celebrating The Endless' 25th anniversary

Sandman From JH Williams' Flickr.
From JH Williams' Flickr.
so, NEIL GAIMAN is returning to Vertigo to commemorate a quarter century with Dream, Death, Delirium, Desire, Destiny, Destruction and Despair... with JH Williams, no less...
HUGE thanks to JaHe for sharing this news.

13 July 2012

ANOTHER reason i want to go to Norway: Magnus Carlsen

first PETTER SOLBERG, and now Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen...?! #tivodelay

10 July 2012

VIDEO: you got cookie, so share it maybe?

leave it to Cookie Monster to turn an awful song into something AWESOME! thanks to CoFin and DanEf for sharing.

28 June 2012

MUSIC: New Jack Techno on Turbo Recordings


this is exactly what i would want to hear on the dancefloor. check out that GINGY & BORDELLO track!

20 June 2012

funny, sad, annoying, weird and amazing things

wow i think google is being nicer to WP7 users than eyeFone users, as evidenced by my ability to update blogger.  hooray!

today my brother informed me that Anaheim' LITTLE CABOOSE taco shop had a fire!!? i have said this before, and some don't believe me, but their hot sauce is one of the reqsons why i would not move out of Orange County.

free climber ALEX HONNOLD accomplished the Triple Crown of Yosemite with TOMMY CALDWELL in less than 24 hours...!!?  unbelievable, and freaking spectacular.

WOW so much stuff going on...  just a bit of what i can recall at ??am...

DOV DAVIDOFF and IAN EDWARDS were absolutely hilarious last week at the Hollywood Improv.

i went to a lecture about ART NOUVEAU today, and it bugged me that the lecturer couldn't or wouldn't pronounce French or German. and, i was possibly the youngest and truly the only non-white person in attendance. chick at the door directed me to ticket booth but her voice sounded as if she was thinking "are you SURE you're here for this lecture and not for the Asian antiquities?" i'll try to take a photo of the old ladies from part 2 next wk...

maybe lastly, i am annoyed by how more and more often, i hear about 'memoirists' who make $h!} up. sometimes, it's for some reason i don't care to research, but today, it was just for publicity. don't know why it bugs me, it just does. (what am i saying, of course i know why it bugs me!!?! ) pisses me off.

so-called 'bath salts' portrayal in the media continues to anger me, although there was a decent story about mephedrone, et al in SPIN this wk.

a prominent music therapy professor and listserv master was diagnosed with terminal metastasised adenocarcinoma of the lung. freaking bllshit.  and there's a new thing called the TOWER RECORDS PROJECT.

that's it, i'm tired.

17 May 2012

Donna Summer dentist office mindblow

such a gorgeous song...but maybe not when you are 10 years old, in the dentist's chair hopped up on NO2, and this song comes over the intercom..which i was. just saying, 'twas a life changing moment.

i ♥ Giorgio Moroder, btw! and RIP CHUCK BROWN.

13 April 2012

while i was on Vimeo watching Caine's Arcade...

i found this piece of awesomeness:

22 February 2012

100% medically [IN] accurate

let it be known that today is the day that AlSto and PhiLe viewed the second full sequence... THANK YOU, Tom Sicks! i mean, Six!

16 February 2012

the state of dance music at the Grammys

'I know it's not cool to get too hung up on "authenticity," but this was not what dance-music culture looks or feels like. Most DJs and laptop performers actually do something onstage.'
 Read Philip Sherburne's well-written piece at spin.com:  Dance Music at the Grammys: What Skrillex, Deadmau5, David Guetta, et al. Mean (or Don't) .

He's referring to the perplexing performance seen here:

21221222542 by YardieGoals

06 February 2012

"think of the possibilities of having multiple Quinns..."

...or venuses! whereas our recent January trip to Yosemite was documented by our friend thusly: my problem is that i could NOT view this photosynth document, which was developed using Microsoft technology, on my Windows 7.5 (WP7) "smart" phone!!!?? wtf, indeed.

my technologically superiour friend WaDi captured this wonderfully sewn together photosynth of our stop at a viewing spot just outside the big tunnel on the way to Yosemite Valley.

17 January 2012

MUSIC: new Orbital album 'Wonky' !!!

ORBITAL is back, baby!!!!!  the new album WONKY is due out 3 April, and will be supported by a half-dozen dates, in the UK.  this is the video to the first song, Never.

and check the new cover art:
Orbital's Wonky LP, due out 3 April 2012.

BIG thanks to Steve LOOPZ and SiouxZ at Magnum PR for this!

01 January 2012

1% blows it for 99% of Post Secret app users

would you believe...an app has become TOO POPULAR??!

i don't know if this is true, or real, or neither, but i just read Frank Warren's post on his POST SECRET blog.  he states:
It pains me to announce that the PostSecret App is now closed. In some ways, this is because of its success. It reached the top-selling spot in the App Store and users shared over 2 million creative secrets.

Like the PostSecret Blog, the App was designed so each secret was absolutely anonymous. Unfortunately, that absolute anonymity made it very challenging to permanently remove determined users with malicious intent.  99% of the secrets created were in the spirit of PostSecret. Unfortunately, the scale of secrets was so large that even 1% of bad content was overwhelming for our dedicated team of volunteer moderators who worked 24 hours a day 7 days a week removing content that was not just pornographic but also gruesome and at times threatening
and so i ask, dear app programmer/coder types, please, isn't there a way to fix this? not to fix the evil 1%, but to make it easier for the dedicated team of Post Secret moderators?

maybe not.  but thanks, Frank, for trying to make it work!!!
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