28 June 2012

MUSIC: New Jack Techno on Turbo Recordings


this is exactly what i would want to hear on the dancefloor. check out that GINGY & BORDELLO track!

20 June 2012

funny, sad, annoying, weird and amazing things

wow i think google is being nicer to WP7 users than eyeFone users, as evidenced by my ability to update blogger.  hooray!

today my brother informed me that Anaheim' LITTLE CABOOSE taco shop had a fire!!? i have said this before, and some don't believe me, but their hot sauce is one of the reqsons why i would not move out of Orange County.

free climber ALEX HONNOLD accomplished the Triple Crown of Yosemite with TOMMY CALDWELL in less than 24 hours...!!?  unbelievable, and freaking spectacular.

WOW so much stuff going on...  just a bit of what i can recall at ??am...

DOV DAVIDOFF and IAN EDWARDS were absolutely hilarious last week at the Hollywood Improv.

i went to a lecture about ART NOUVEAU today, and it bugged me that the lecturer couldn't or wouldn't pronounce French or German. and, i was possibly the youngest and truly the only non-white person in attendance. chick at the door directed me to ticket booth but her voice sounded as if she was thinking "are you SURE you're here for this lecture and not for the Asian antiquities?" i'll try to take a photo of the old ladies from part 2 next wk...

maybe lastly, i am annoyed by how more and more often, i hear about 'memoirists' who make $h!} up. sometimes, it's for some reason i don't care to research, but today, it was just for publicity. don't know why it bugs me, it just does. (what am i saying, of course i know why it bugs me!!?! ) pisses me off.

so-called 'bath salts' portrayal in the media continues to anger me, although there was a decent story about mephedrone, et al in SPIN this wk.

a prominent music therapy professor and listserv master was diagnosed with terminal metastasised adenocarcinoma of the lung. freaking bllshit.  and there's a new thing called the TOWER RECORDS PROJECT.

that's it, i'm tired.
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