26 November 2008

is THIS scary?

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i HATE orange county.

Photo taken by ErWa.


Check out this beaut:
Many thanks to ErWa for the link to the wonderful website known as BACON TODAY.

21 November 2008

The Soup & Cupcakes & Hamburger Mary

i attended a taping of the Soup with some friends from work. i learned some things (real quick): 1) the laughter is really from a small studio audience, that we were a part of, but a LOT of the fake laughter originates from the stage director and camera guy. kinda unnerving/ disconcerting/annoying. 2) Joel McHale was lent a freaking AUDI R8 but usually drives a Subaru STI. sweet! 3) Joel McHale drinks scotch (the crew gave him a bottle for his birthday). 4) Joel McHale's birthday is 20 November. 5) Joel McHale's Subaru guy is also named McHale. 5) gourmet cupcakes are kinda overrated but good nonetheless, cos i really like the variety factour. my proof: we had cupcakes before the show from Jean's on 3rd thanks to a friend who works at E! (thx for the pumpkin one, CraBo!) and then the store Sprinkles brought in cupcakes for the entire audience (red velvet wasn't too shabby).

then it was off to Hamburger Mary's in Hollywood for a meal and some drag queen-hosted karaoke...VERY fun, but i hate to sing in front of people i don't know, so i didn't. But, our waiter Jerry was a cutie.

anyway, be sure to watch the episode that airs this week!!!

20 November 2008

Personal timelines as social networks?

If you know me, you know i have been trying to find an online interactive personal timeline for a while now. Gina Trapani of Lifehacker.com couldn't say it any better:

"I have a terrible memory, especially when it comes to when things happened. Significant life events - like graduating and 9/11 - are all landmarks that help me remember when events occurred relative to them (i.e., "that was before I moved to California.") But there are still long periods of my past that are just a big amorphous blur - especially before I started using a computer every day.

"As a result, I've always been fascinated with digital timelines as a memory aid and reference: the ones that occur as artifacts of other activities (like our sent email folder and digital photo collection), and the ones we can purposefully construct for historical documentation."

She goes on to tout the merits of a widget called TIMELINE which as morphed into something i don't quite understand, and worse, i do not think i want to use. There are others, such as DANDELIFE, FREE TIMELINE, and ALL OF ME. There is also OUR STORY, and the lamely named TIME RIME and DIPITY.

All this got me thinking about, how come there are so many damn timeline sites, and only a couple of them show up in google searches, and how come only a few haven't prevailed by now, and none of them have the features i am looking for??!! i know everyone is thinking about ideas for startups, so how come no one has started up one ideal timeline that does or maybe doesn't incorporate all of our online stuff (blah blah yet another thing to connect to MySpace, Facebook, google this and picasa that...)? What i'm after is something that automatically saves my status updates or Twittrs (since they somewhat document my goings-on), and that all my friends can contribute to while having their own timelines...not a timeline that i have to look at separately from my own! Because, after all, my friends and family's timelines are intrinsically connected with my own life...so why would i want to separate them? (With the exception of some things, of course, which i should be able to determine with an easy on or off privacy thing...)

11 November 2008

Nic Harcourt leaving KCRW?

Well, not quite...but he's no longer going to be their music director. i can't believe he's been there for ten years. It seems he replaced Chris Douridas so recently...and Harcourt's been there, and been responsible for, the huge explosion KCRW has experienced in about the last seven years or so.

What a dream job! How cool would it be to put a few hours of music together, crafting tracks chosen by you, each day? There have been times when i thought, jesus, what an artist...cos Harcourt would completely get on a roll and transport me out of my car in a simple 20 minute set. i remember having aspirations to be music director of just a small college station (which i managed to do for a short while), let alone any local FM station...but to be at KCRW??!!! Holy smokes. i think music is one of the only things i absolutely love to give and take and give again (forgive me, AlSto)...although some of my friends may say i force it on them...It's like falling in love a little bit every month or year or whenever you hear something awesome. And wouldn't you want to tell everyone you know about your new love!!!???

i still miss Tom Schnabel...but i try to catch him every so often on the weekends.

is this racist?

So i found a blog through another blog today that i immediately shared with my half-white, half-Latina coworker. We both thought it was hilarious...but is it? i feel, well, kinda guilty for laughing. And then i feel guilty for feeling guilty. AlSto, WaDi, ErWa, RoNo, could you all weigh in?

It's called STUFFWHITEPEOPLELIKE.COM. i dunno if it is written by white people.

BTW did you watch James Lipton be interviewed by host Dave Chappelle on Inside the Actor's Studio last night? Funny stuff.

04 November 2008

Free stuff from Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Ben & Jerry's for voters on election day? NOT...?!!

AlSto told me he had heard about the illegality of giving away food and other goods to voters in election day promotions. i looked around a little bit and found THIS on gawker.com, of all places...

turns out that places may be welcome to give stuff away to anyone who asks for it...but doing otherwise may be considered VOTER BRIBERY. or not.

01 November 2008

No on Prop. 8...but i guess not in Orange County

so, i live in a neighbourhood where yes on 8 is everywhere. there are signs on nearly every lawn going up Country Club Drive, which is a main thoroughfare through our New Bellehurst subdivision in Buena Park.

today, coming back from SuperMex on Harbor and Orangethorpe, there were at least two groups on opposing corners of every majour intersection on Orangethorpe between Harbor and Magnolia. the good news, is, NO ONE honked in support. each interection was silent. and, i married a couple today in South County, and one of the best men was from Van Nuys and he said that he had only seen his first yes on 8 signs here, in o.c. today.

and, last night, we spoke to a neighbour we had never spoken to before, on our street...and he thanked us for having our NO ON PROP. 8 sign up! how cool is that? i believe he even said we had guts or courage or something like that.


Venture Brothers cocktail: Sam in a Sweater?

In the episode, "Now Museum, Now You Don't", Rusty Venture orders a drink called "sam and a sweater" or "sam in a sweater" or "salmon the sweater". i have researched a bit online and have only come up with the following recipe:

"...Then you could start making up your own drinks like telling the bartender to make you a 'Sam in a Sweater'.

Bartender: "Ummm, WTF is that?"

"Well, you take 2 parts vodka, mix in some triple-sec, diet Cherry Dr. Pepper and a touch of cream and blend it with ice. Teeny umbrella garnish is optional. Do you have any curly/ bendy straws at least?"

[the idea of screwing with a bartender and ordering a drink that you made up on the spot is borrowed from a novel]"

But which novel?? Thanks to MicroBob on Vegas Drinking Prop Bet for the only reference to this drink that i could find...on YAHOO, no less!! Suck it, Googler purists...

In any case, i have found a few sweater-based cocktail recipes, but none of them seem to have anything in common. AlSto assumed, based on Dr. Venture's rather disgusting drink preferences, that this one would be no exception.

ERIN'S SWEATER is a 3-to-2 mix of Blue Curacao and chocolate liqueur, shaken and served over ice cubes in a champagne saucer!!!??? Thanks to drinkswap.com for this one. There is also the YELLOW SWEATER (with short sleeves) as given by barmeister.com: 1 oz. vodka, 3/4 oz. creme de banana, and 1/2 oz lime juice. Mix and strain.

With ice, i presume...???
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