20 August 2012

MUSIC: two Rufus Wainwright videos

in case you didn't see my previous mention, the latest RUFUS WAINWRIGHT album is fantastic. it has renewed my love of him, and his music.

the CBS video here cuts out on Montauk right before the beautiful accidentals in the melody. listen for them, in the last song of the Tiny Desk Concert above!

16 August 2012

let the K-Pop hilarity ensue!

a little something scary from TMB SHOW, complete with eye candy...and probably brain toxin, too. you can't ignore the fact that PSY, according to the interview, graduated from Berklee College of Music. pretty awesome.

14 August 2012

MUSIC: gorgeous sounds from Actress!

Andrew Matson writes about ACTRESS on npr:
"Sidechaining is a common effect used by producers in dance music to make that pumping, woomp-woomp-woomp sound. Actress uses it in a punk rock way, sidechaining elements of the track to the drum, then removing the drum, throwing away what was supposed to be the big draw — leaving rhythmic remnants of sonic pressure. It makes the track feel like a sausage being squished from the outside."

06 August 2012

VIDEO: Golden Clouds by the Orb with Lee 'Scratch' Perry

2012 continuation of Little Fluffy Clouds...more like permutation...but even better! Dr. Lx and Fehlmann look like they're having a grand old time with the dub master Perry!

LOVE the studio footage at the very end. Thanks to Kip at Tell All Your Friends PR for turning me on to this.
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