21 April 2010

i CAN spell it but i can't say it

here's a great link i found about how to pronounce Ejafjallajökull (and yes, i was saying AY-yah-fyah-lah-YOH-kul)! that's the name of Iceland's volcano which Jon Stewart couldn't or wouldn't pronounce, BTW.

11 April 2010

rusty venture exposed

i found this rusty venture interview (oops i meant aka JAMES URBANIAK in talk show form), on his blog VOUCHER ANKLES. the show begins with neil schweiber of Freaks and Geeks. the real fun begins around 27:40.

turns out he lived kinda near where AlSto lived in new jersey ("Sayreville?!! i know where that is. that's the way we took to my uncle's when we didn't take the parkway."). hmm, i wonder if his real name is spelt 'Urbaniac'?

09 April 2010

saudi burger king commercials

thanks to PRI's THE WORLD for their story on this!

08 April 2010

bwahahahahaha OMEGA males and the women who hate them...

...geddit? there are alpha males, and there are omega males!

as author Jessica Grose states, "They're unemployed, romantically challenged, and they're everywhere." (until i read more closely... then, i realised she was talking about male characters in the movies, a la Ben Stiller's character in the film Greenburg)

i gotta hand it to The XX FACTOR on slate.com...i don't visit the site as much as i used to, but when i do, i nearly always find something awesome in this column.

07 April 2010

FOOD: Grill 'Em All truck is brutally good food from seriously thoughtful cooks

i don't usually write much about my food experiences, but i must tell you about my Reign in Bun experience... it's one of the specials of the day from the guys at the GRILL 'EM ALL truck: a [veg] burger with grilled red and green bell pepper, pepper jack cheese and freaking lemon pepper crème fraîche!!! delicious.

AlSto had the Waste 'Em All: marinated green chiles (with some actual scoville points!?), pepper jack, beer soaked onions. our friend PhiLe asked for the Lars (a special they ran out of...how fresh and daily is that?!) but ended up with the Molly Hatchet...but good thing he did; it has seared sausage gravy with fennel!!!... as well as applewood smoked bacon and maple drizzle. soooooo sick, and amazing smelling, with what i imagine would be an ideal blend of the salty and the sweet, plus the smokey! incredible.

they serve belgian frites as a side dish, double fried like they should be. crisp and fresh...they obviously change their oil. not to mention, kosher salt, which was sprinkled immediately post fryer cos it actually stuck to the fries. thank you!

and if you know me, you know how much i love condiments, and theirs are things of beauty. you could taste every ingredient in their sauces. PhiLe had what he said was a 'japanese aïoli with jalapeño'...enough spice for someone like me, where the heat/burn was immediate, and it lingered but 'twasn't overbearing. totally awesome. and my garlic aïoli was strong and real. fantastic! i think by this time i was totally stoked, so i want to say their regular ketchup is homemade, too. come to think of it, it has to be, cos who would make 5+ sauces from scratch and then use bottled stuff?

one thing i can never get down quite right with my cooking is the timing, and i swear AlSto and PhiLe's burgers were perfectly medium rare and ready in our hands/mouths, with fries, in less than six minutes. impressive.

the only part i was a little bummed about, but not really, was how totally unbrutal and NICE these guys genuinely were. super mellow...and there was no Nuclear Blast compilation, no Dethklok, or even metallica's 'orion' or other instrumental blaring out their speakers. i'll blame that on stupid fullerton's city ordinances or something. and he (i think 'twas chef harkins) actually thanked me for my $2 tip. how nice. :oP

(btw, chefs harkins and chernus, who was that lady glaring at you from inside the truck? god i hope she wasn't a mother... ;-P)

ok fullerton dbags, maybe $8 for a burger is more than in-n-out, but this is serious food...and bravo to BOOTLEGGER'S BREWERY for attracting so many food trucks to your no-food-permitted-beer-establishment-stuck-in-the-middle-of-an-orange-county-industrial-block. most of them can't be bothered to venture further north than SanTana...until they hit Commerce or DTLA at least. kogi bbq's food tastes better at the front of the line, cos they're definitely overrated at >45 min back in the line...but Grill 'Em All deserves your palate, cos i doubt they will disappoint...and you may be pleasantly surprised.

find them on the Twitt'r and the Facebk. photos to come!

for AlHo and for JaHe: two funny things

this first one is from POST SECRET. it will be gone by the end of the week, so i thought i'd preserve it here...

this next one is the jeopardy contestant, LAURA HUGHES, who i looking like she wishes she was PENELOPE GARCIA (aka Kirsten Vangsness) of Criminal Minds. she choked on her second day on the show.

06 April 2010

party with fast-food mascots.

RAD OMEN - "Rad Anthem" from Nicholaus Goossen on Vimeo.

i didn't even listen to this the first time. kinda creepy. many thanks to my co-worker @chedonline for this!

01 April 2010

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