29 November 2010

Justice John Paul Stevens is my hero.

and he's America's hero, too! the honourable JPS was on 60 MINUTES this week.

the entire episode was pretty cool, actually. you should check out the segments about the crazy Spiderman + U2 musical and training the Afghani police force.

23 November 2010

22 November 2010

SPIDER'S KISS: Venture Bros. cocktail from "Operation P.R.O.M."

's the second drink recipe, as mentioned by JACKSON PUBLICK. on the bump of the VENTURE BROTHERS season finale (the exciting, long-awaited, double-long final season 4 episode that made me a little emotional! plus, SHORE LEAVE is a total badass), Mr. Publick quickly ordered this drink before cutting to commercial:

Spider's Kiss Cocktail

1 oz. green melon liqueur
1 oz. vodka
Squeeze of fresh Lemon
Grenadine (optional)
Chocolate syrup

Draw a chocolate web into a cocktail glass. Place in freezer and chill. Shake melon , vodka and lemon juice and strain into glass. For a blood effect, drizzle grenadine down the side of the glass. Garnish with a chocolate-dipped orange slice.

Recipe from DRINK OF THE WEEK website created by Victoria D’Amato-Moran, courtesy of Midori®.

[BTW here's the drink Doc Hammer ordered in the same bump.]


another Venture Brothers cocktail: HOT MOMMY (Hot Mummy?)

for all you DOC HAMMER - like skinny-minis (whinnies?) out there, here's a drink recipe for the beverage Doc mentioned at the end of the bump during amazingly brilliant, awesome, near-perfect VENTURE BROTHERS season finale on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim (no, not the arsenic in a coconut, sorry!):

Hot Mommy (Skinny Vacation Cocktail
1 oz. coconut rum (50 calories)
4 oz. club soda (0 calories)
Splash of pineapple juice (16 calories)
Splash of orange juice (14 calories)
Garnish with a fresh slice of pineapple (20 calories)

Total calorie count? Just 100 calories for your fabulous vacation cocktail! Compare that to 530 calories and in the same size pina colada or 740 calories for a margarita...

(Thanks to the HOT MOMMY HAPPY BABY blog for the recipe...)

17 November 2010

the REAL drummer in Cee-Lo Green's live band: Brittany Brooks!

so, you've seen Cee-Lo perform his song "Fµ¢k◄You" / "Forget You" (or "Fox News" on Colbert) on tv, with a 'live' band of women/girls...

well, BRITTANY BROOKS was the one bandmember who actually played the drums while the guitar, bass and keyboard ladies played to a backing track (at least on Colbert they did!)... and she's a pretty great drummer! she even has a cymbal sponsor.

follow her on the MySpace as brittanyabrooks and the Twitt'r: @brittanyAbrooks ! (i think thadrummindiva on MySpace is her, as well...)

here's Cee-lo and Ms. Brooks in a video from Later with Jools Holland:

and thank you, KEEP IT SIMPLE on the Drummerworld forum, for leading me to Youtuber NEWZAPPA for the info on Brittany's name! (plz. check the video's comments for his source.)

= = = =
postscript -

Dear TOM TOM MAGAZINE *, may i please be one of your writers? ;-P OK OK, how about a researcher, then?

*btw TomTom is an awesome online and print mag about female drummers! find them on the FB and the Twitt'r too: @tomtommag

Cock Play, Not Fight....from National Geographic Magazine Contest

something for WaDi, MoVerSpe and Mags in the other CA...

12 November 2010

Marwencol is the next place i want to go...

first learned about this on the MADELINE BRAND SHOW:

aka the "Crazyass Japanese Thing of the Day"

[no, JaHe & AlSto, it's not me!]

big THANKS to SarMan for this! my bro Kaze wants to go to one of these. and i'm thinking, how come a Dethklok or a Gorillaz show couldn't be like this??!

see original video here.

11 November 2010

judith griggs of cook's source magazine...

learn more about


the flippant Cook's Source editor.


09 November 2010

MUSIC: Kele Okereke - Tenderoni

how could i have missed this album? it's KELE OKEREKE (not Okoreke) from Bloc Party! it's a great freaking song.

original video here.
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