22 January 2008


  • GUI BORATTO is playing avaland this weekend. i am SO there. he's the greatest thing since i discovered tech-house.
  • the drug dextromethorphan (street name DXM...who woulda guessed it?) can be abused...as portrayed on the latest episode of INTERVENTION. i guess that's what i was going for the one time i tried to recreationally use robitussin cough syrup.
  • CARL KARCHER passed away! what a bummer. i met him once; he introduced himself to me inside the elevator at st. jude's hospital in fullerton, back when my mom was there and his wife, too. super nice guy. and even tho i hate all the condiments they've put on his stuff lately, i have such fond, fond memories of western bacon cheeseburgers from back in the day. yum. may he rest in peace.
  • LOVE AND ROCKETS played a little show at the key club in hollywood in december. they're also playing COACHELLA this year, along with PORTISHEAD and the usual lineup of about a hundred acts. f*&$.

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