03 August 2008

ANNOYING: X-Games 14 Rally coverage

first off, we lagged and didn't acquire tickets to the X-GAMES again this year, because we thought it was going to be the insane clusterf*&^ it always is... wouldn't you know it, we switch on the TiVO delayed broadcast of the RALLY RACING qualifying stages and there are BARELY ANY PEOPLE IN THE STANDS!!!??? there were so few people there, i am now afraid the X-Games will 'X' all rally racing from its event in future years.

on top of the sparse crowds, the co-drivers barely speak a word to the drivers. if you didn't know anything about rally, you would think the co-drivers were there just as eye candy for the drivers, or maybe as looming girlfriends who wouldn't let their b/f go out to a professional competition. in any case, in the X-Games, the co-drivers are mostly females for some reason...in fact, judging by their silence during the preliminary stages, you'd think they were just required for the tradition of it and were chosen because they weigh less than their male counterparts! here's EXPN's half-decent video homage (make that a video explanation) as to what a rally co-driver, erm, navigator's true purpose is:

there's also a less-than-enthusiastic article touting rallying as "Moto's Little Secret" (although the title makes it sound like dirty secret instead of a best-kept one...).

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