14 April 2009

MUSIC: TV on the Radio at the Glass House in Pomona, CA AND MORE!!

i was fortunate to attend this BRILLIANT show with AlSto and dear friend PhiLe. until i can sync my Flickr account with my blog, i will have to provide you with a link to their set list.

release-wise, i am also really enjoying the following records, the latest:
FISCHERSPOONER: Entertainment on FS Studios - yeah, can't quite explain this one, but i like it for some reason.

NEKO CASE: Middle Cyclone on Anti - god have i talked about this one, already? i can't get it out of my head. this record is really, really good! and if you know me, you know i don't really like girl bands/singers...

NICO VEGA: Nico Vega on Myspace Records - yeah, i didn't think stuff on Myspace Records would be any good, but so far, most of their releases have been much better than average, at least in this old music snob's ears. And Nico Vega is pretty good. If the link above doesn't work, i dunno, check amazon.com.

TOSCA: No Hassle on G-Stone - i wish wish wish downtempo could just go back to those amazing K&D daze. Dorfmeister still remembers, though. lovely album. please listen.

so, we're seeing My Bloody Valentine tomorrow night at the El Rey. i feel too old to go to Coachella this year, but we've been EVERY year...so why stop now?!!


anona said...

hey...i just got really "into" fischerspooner! Thanks!

nada said...

Comparisons and Comments
Said About the Shows:

Residents, The Tubes, Fellini, Caligula, Pink Floyd,
Gargoyley, Madonna, Gwar, Bedazzled, Star Trek,
Busby Berkeley, Paula Abdul, Solid Gold, Road Warrior,
Flash Gordon, Trashy sluttiness, Funky darkness,

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