25 March 2010

watch the film IN A DREAM. Isaiah Zagar is brilliant.

IN A DREAM: Theatrical Trailer from Herzliya Films on Vimeo.

we went to Las Vegas over the weekend.

sometimes, one of my favourite things to do is watch random HBO stuff in the hotel cos we don't have it at home...and the HBO gods were good to us this time! we stumbled upon a documentary called IN A DREAM about the Philadelphia artist ISAIAH ZAGAR. because the film was directed and edited by Isaiah's son Jeremiah, the camera had intimate access into the life of a genius who is brilliantly gifted, and some would consider cursed, by his art.

“I use art as a spider web, to trap people and change how they look, feel, dream.” - NY TIMES article from August 2009
watching Isaiah Zagar was like watching Sarah Winchester, minus the mediums and spirits, with her Mystery House: compelled to keep building, producing, touching, adding, cleaning and fine-tuning every single day, from dawn to dusk...so incredible and beautiful. and the other stuff in the movie about his family, neighbourhood and history? you will have to see yourself.


IN A DREAM is an award-winning documentary film directed by Jeremiah Zagar. The film premiered August 19th, 2009 on HBO2.

WINNER: Emerging Visions Audience Award
SXSW Film Festival

WINNER: Best Documentary
Woodstock Film Festival

WINNER: Audience Award for Best Feature
San Francisco Documentary Festival

Add it to your Netflix queue:

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