16 September 2010

Pappy Van Winkle's Sicilian Lifeguard à la Terranea

Wednesday night 15/9/2010 with AlSto and BriKa in no particular order... or maybe, in order of recall:
  • the S.C. thing is apparently brash spicy tomato sauce, briny caper berries, sweet currants, sharp scallions, and soft balls of Israeli couscous:
    "I have never actually met a Sicilian lifeguard, but if one were to cook up a pot of calamari, this is how he or she might make it." - Mario Batali
    sounds kinda gross to me. i didn't have it but i did have tiny vegetables. but please find a reference or definition of the Sicilian Lifeguard preparation without Batali, other than at MAR'SEL (sea salt! geddit? and their salt was really quite extraordinary) or its super young chef MICHAEL FIORELLI (worked under both MARK MILITELLO and SUSANNA FOO?!! holy crap. but i still don't like K Simon). then, please tell me cos i'm too lazy to page through 10 pages of results.
    - per Saveur article of BABBO.

    • don't be a jerk. thanks to waiter George. he takes care of you! ask for him.
    • j'adore l'amuse bouche! caramelised shallot tart with sofrito sauce. i heart odd numbers on a plate. seashell-shaped café mocha chocolate for dessert.

    • check out the small world of bourbon...PAPPY VAN WINKLE is bottled at the BLANTON'S plant!
    the distillery has a webcam of several different rooms! Frankfort is about 70 miles from Loretto, Kentucky...for when we eventually go on our KY Tour. and PVW is related to Ole Grandad (just kidding. but maybe it should be!).
    • JUSTIN cabernet sauvignon is pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

    did i forget anything?

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