12 November 2010

aka the "Crazyass Japanese Thing of the Day"

[no, JaHe & AlSto, it's not me!]

big THANKS to SarMan for this! my bro Kaze wants to go to one of these. and i'm thinking, how come a Dethklok or a Gorillaz show couldn't be like this??!

see original video here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, your crazy everyday....

I JUST watched this from a link on Reddit, five min before i came here.

Not sure what your read about this so i will just cut and paste the top comment from Reddit:

"Miku Hatsune is actually a computer program from Yahama (that you can buy). The programs gained such popularity that Yamaha started touring her in concerts.

People have actually used the vocaloid program to have Miku sing their own songs, or even covers.

The francise have also spawned other vocaloid programs, even some in English (Although I think the english one's suck).

Best Miku song in my opinion.

Also: Miku Fangirl, here."

So awesome!

and you have an excellent point about Dethklock, i would go see that!

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