16 February 2011

let's just say, we placed an honest FOURTH at geekswhodrink

thanks to JaHa and MaMcWa for being such great teammates. and, AlSto too. ♥ he even won a prize (again, thanks to JaHa!)! the final scores were as follows:
Killer B Minuses                 76
Reverse Zombies
Penis Penis Penis Penis Penis
The Pumphouse 70
Dungeons & Drag Queens 65
Rocket 65
Say No to Babies 62
Sentient Toasters 62
5 ft, horse teeth,
drag queen Gremlins 55
Grundlechode – Grenade 52
Singles Awareness 46
Halvo* White Devil 36
Disney Boobies 33
Jelly Belly 30
Landgull 27
Oman 12

wanna join us next time? please do. see geekswhodrink.com!

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