26 March 2011

who is UFC's Jung Chan Sung? what is SSEDA? btw NICE twister!

we quite enjoyed featherweight MMA fighter Chan Sung Jung's charismatic win over Leonard Garcia this evening (especially after stepping in at the last minute after Nam Phan dropped out)...didn't you?even though i don't really dig the nickname THE KOREAN ZOMBIE, the twister submission was worthy of several TiVO replays. UFC Fight Night 23 was the second time the two have competed against each other in the mixed martial arts arena.
so far, i haven't found much information about Jung, except for a page on the Facebook, a FightWiki entry and this official-ish site peddling Korean Zombie tshirts. he studies Eddie Bravo's twister technique tapes (why don't they name the move 'a Bravo'?!). see below for video one of TEN, featuring Bravo's theory and strategy behind the technique.

and, Jung also trained in hapkido, or Korean aikido, and has competed in sambo tournaments in the past...

Jung's sponsors include MUSCLEPHARM, real estate broker/agent SELLITGTA.com (GTA stands for Greater Toronto Area!?), and sports management company IRIDIUM SPORTS AGENCY. Jung's main sponsor is SSEDA, or Seong An Save Safety Equipment for Dangerous Areas. the company manufactures and supplies gear to the construction industry, mainly in the form of hard hats, safety helmets, bump caps, harnesses, lanyards and anchor systems.

both photos above are from Korean Zombie tshirt. thanks (kinda) to bruceleroy and the other contributors to Sherdog's 'Korean MMA thread'... and no, SSEDA is not a collective of MMA gyms in Korea!

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UPDATE: Jung won 'Submission of the Night' and $55k bonus! "That's a nice little how'd'you do," said my husband AlSto.

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