24 July 2011

a few updates from the most recent to the most past

...more or less in order, i have - learned some basics of panguingue; enjoyed the Lake Elsinore Casino; mourned Amy Winehouse; hated what i believe was the traffic caused by Comic-Con; learned the Sun-Maid raisin girl's name is LORRAINE COLLETT;

wished i could be hanging out with Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick; learned Marc Maron will have a syndicated-ish version of WTF on KCRW; learned the Sklar Brothers (who are already fairly annoying on KPCC) will have a show on KPCC; became annoyed with G+; went to court; finished traffic school; watched coworkers ride a mechanical bull; brought home a candle we made; found my next new favourite Jeopardy! contestant JAY RHEE; learned Valencia, CA's residents are really friendly; discovered Popcornopolis; joined G+; made a candle with AlSto; enjoyed the new season of Louie; listened to the new Loney, Dear album; drunk more tequila than bourbon; missed Buckethead at HoB Anaheim; ate at Denny's; went to the Varnish; saw Harold Lloyd's film Safety Last; went to Medieval Times.

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