23 November 2011

in case something happens

  • approximately 10.05am on Wednesday in Orange County, the city of Orange, CA at business on Yale Ave.
  • incident began while driving south on Main St. after turning from eastbound Taft Ave.
  • white dodge ram pickup, windows NOT tinted, with no rear license plate
  • after truck was driving very slowly and weaving in and out of right lane, v honked loudly and drove around the truck to make a right onto westbound Yale Ave.  
  • v pulled into parking lot and was followed by and blocked in by truck.
  • one 20-something white male; uneven pink flawed skin, curly hair, bluish or otherwise light eyes; southern accent ["you better watch what you do." "...b1*c^!" ] exited truck and came up yelling to v's vehicle's closed window
  • this white male struck driver's window very hard with open palm
  • two other males in truck, unidentifiable
  • truck drove westbound in parking lot, went around and exited out west driveway

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