13 November 2007

People i am looking for...

i used to work at Tower Records in Southern California, and over the years (eleven, in fact) i met a lot of very cool people. i don't know where they went. Have you heard of any of these people? If so, please have them contact me!

  • ALAN LOVE (He used to work for Crown Books)
  • PETER FLORES (His sisters went to high school with me)
  • CHAD ARMSTRONG (Used to have a girlfriend named Tutu)
  • DALLAS CALEY (i think he's still in the Orange County area)
  • DIRK ADCOCK (Crazy fun guy who moved to Michigan)
  • SANDRINE ____________ (She is Mauritian)
  • "REX" _____________ (Mathematician from UCLA)
This is part one of many.

1 comment:

Pete Benefiel said...

Did you ever find Alan?

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