26 November 2007

Band of Horses @ Glass House in Pomona

i REALLY like Band of Horses. if you know me, you know they're my most recent favourite. if you're still not convinced, let me tell you, they're the only record i've played at work which has caught the interest of my (totally disparate in terms of taste, age, lifestyle, etc.) co-workers... i'm talking, they came into my office at separate times and asked me who i was playing.

it was a f(*&ing brilliant show.

and, it sounded as if their tour was coming to an end...for north america, anyway, cos if you check their website, they're on their way to europe for the next couple of months. it was weird cos the entire crowd was completely silent during and after each song. god, i HATE l.a. crowds! the keyboardist called us the "most well-behaved audience" but that's such crap. if l.a. people are SO into music, then how come no one sings a goddamn word aloud like they do in britain, and no one screams during the songs like they do in japan, and no one makes a little noise like they do in every other part of the country???!

many thank yous to the nice sound guy who gave me the set list.

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