30 October 2008

Whas' Behind Wassup: Info about the creator/director

Charles Stone III is an award winning feature film director who got his start in 1988 as an animator for New York’s Woo Art International. In the early 90’s he started directing music videos and in 1998, in the height of prosperity and opportunities during the Clinton Administration, he used the prestigious Music Video Production Association Awards to premier True, his short film shot on Video 8 on a shoestring budget and starring Charles and his friends. The film was an instant hit and became an underground sensation in the film and advertising communities.

The success of his music videos and short film opened the door to directing his first feature film, Paid in Full. Meanwhile, True was still an underground hit circulating from one person to the other on shared VHS tapes when it landed in the Chicago offices of advertising agency DDB Needham whose creative directors imagined using the film’s characters for another purpose.

In 2000, on the eve of Bush being elected, together with DDB Needham, Charles ended up creating and starring in (he’s the first guy lying on the couch) a series of Budweiser Whassup?! spots that became an international sensation and garnered the most prestigious awards. More on the WASSUP 2008 website.

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