24 October 2008

African Swim on Adult Swim

so i'm fast-forwarding past the commercials while watching the VENTURE BROTHERS last night, and i stumble upon a trailer of a crew of rappers dancing onstage like i've never seen before. i hit play and rewind and learn it's a promo for a new area on the Adult Swim website, called AFRICAN SWIM.

(BTW in case you can't see it, the above is supposed to be an mp3 player of African Swim music, with shitty embed code supplied by the shitty website...)

of course, African Swim is completely buried in the "looks-like-i'm-stuck-in-a-tween-stickerbook-and-vomiting-ADD-drugs" craphole known as the Adult Swim website.

i also hate not being able to embed videos from the stupid site. all this being said, if you wanna see something like you've never seen before, check all the videos. to see some incredible dancing, check the JOZI video first!

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