17 February 2009

wtf is 'democratic chess'?

many thanks to JaHe for this!! as i was saying to him, the 'democracy' is in that each piece's player's ability to weigh in before the real player makes a move, right? i think i'd move contrary to the ones that heckle my game, just to spite them.

isn't the beauty of chess being able to play one side, or both sides, by oneself? i imagine a couple of different scenarios: 1) all skill/knowledge will be parceled out and weaken a person's game, kinda like what wikipedia has done to all of our generally brilliant friends; or 2) better players will have the pieces that can't see well and will screw up gameplay cos they couldn't see the big picture.

(hey, can someone check the source code to find out when the artist put this page up? i wanna know what how long ago he started this, especially since he mentions "finishing in a couple of weeks"...)

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