11 February 2009

Renee Stephens is just pissed she can't control all the minds on the internets...

i was reading about some backlash against a husband that was awful toward the woman who traded places/families with his own wife, Renee Stephens, on a reality tv show. In turn, Renee Stephens apparently disrespected and used all kinds of condescension on the family she was placed with...to put it nicely.

An Owen Thomas article (on Valleywag ) about the WifeSwap contestant posted the wife's online apologies, in which this woman claimed her husband had only agreed to participate in the show to please her. So, i looked around online to see if this woman was for real.

Renee Stephens' active and poorly designed website is undoubtedly from back in the day when she couldn't afford to send her kids to a $40k a year private school.

She puts a lot of worth on one's education, and seems to insult people without advanced degrees. Although her current blog containing the apology was taken offline, there is a blog entry from 2007 on ourhypnospace.com in which she states "I'm entering a doctoral program in Psychology in the Fall at the California Institute of Integral Studies..." and she "holds an MBA from the London Business School, and BA with Distinction from the University of Virginia. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Certified Life Coach and Certified Destination Coach".

This woman was only trained and qualified to sell things...which she did, by inventing her own weight-loss method.

So, WTF is 'neuro linguistic programming'?!!! (to find out, see Slate.com, Skeptic's Dictionary and this NLP website) Let alone, a 'certified destination coach'? i still have no idea, except it has something to do with controlling your own brain's function. Then, there's the part about hynotizing yourself and believing you can persuade others through your words. Sounds like a marketing class taken to the self-help level to me...but, maybe it worked on the poor man who fell under the spell and married her.

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