08 May 2009

comedy according to Jonathan Goldstein

How would you define your brand of comedy?
"An attempt to confide my saddest, darkest thoughts about life to people in a way that doesn’t compel them to run away from me."

-Jonathan Goldstein via enRoute


jeff said...

i can identify with that.

hey, i couldn't find the new tosca album when you first blogged about it, but i heard something from it on sunday morning during the "something different" show on indie103.1 w/ dj santos and really liked it...and that reminded me to check for it again. i finally found it and am enjoying it now. REALLY good stuff. thanks for the tip.

jeff said...

speaking of indie103, they have a show on sunday mornings following "something different" that is all morrissey, all the time. morrissey, smiths, side projects, related artists, covers, etc. we listen to it religiously. not because we're smiths/morrissey fans, per se, but more because of the novelty of the show name. it's called, "breakfast with the smiths", and that's about the time i'm usually serving the pancakes on sunday. it just seem apropos.

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