07 May 2009

a video of everything the Anthem Magazine party was NOT.

JaHe and i were there, in all the alcohol-poisoned, heat-exhausted, testosterone-drenched, microbe-laden, piss-soaked, vomit-splotched, alpha-female disorganized clusterf(*&^ of it all. in other words, this is NOT what we experienced, whatsoever:

Anthem Ranch Party, Coachella '09 from Anthem Magazine on Vimeo.

UNBELIEVABLE. the Anthem Magazine Coachella Party was disgusting, and a hazard to one's health. anyone who disagrees, and believes this video is actually what went on, is either delusional or hallucinating, or was in the quiet air-conditioned comfourt of the ranch house itself...and not suffering with all of us idiots outside.

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