07 July 2009

RIP Andy Hughes of the Orb

with all the MJ news yesterday, today and forever, "and ever and ever and ever and ever"...it is with great shock and sadness that i have learned of the death of ANDY HUGHES, formerly of the Orb.

there's a period of my life marked by brilliant and wonderful dance music records. even into the late 1990's, so many albums were life changing for me, cos the artists and producers of the dance music world were just hitting their stride. that's where the classic 'Toxygene' came in, off the Orblivion album.

pure beauty. in between all the MJ stuff, or even instead of, give it a listen. i swear that train whistle is from BANCO DE GAIA's 'Last Train to Lhasa'.

1 comment:

jeff said...

i have so many fond memories that have the orb as their soundtrack. this really is sad...and even sadder so to find out that it was suicide.

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