15 July 2009

MUSIC: Huun Huur Tu are back!

everyone's favourite overtone singers from Tuva are back! along with prolific electronic/dance music producer CARMEN RIZZO, their new album is called Eternal and it's out now on Rizzo's Electrofone Records.

the mix of electronic and organic instruments, many of them indigenous to Tuvan music, really work well together. i've been a fan of Huun Huur Tu ever since i first heard their album 60 Horses in My Herd on Shanachie Records (i believe), and even though i must admit i don't know each guy's name, i can tell you the voices are the same...except for possibly one. i recognised deep-rumbly-guy, high-voice-guy and pure-voiced-guy-who-sings-the-melodies right away.

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