03 June 2011

MUSIC: CHLLNGR's eerie video makes their song even better.

i really dig BLK JKS and THE VERY BEST. so, learning that Mpupi Mo of the former and Mo Laudi of latter had a hand in remixing this CHLLNGR track really got me excited!

CHLLNGR "Ask For" from CHLLNGR on Vimeo.

According to the Vimeo description, the video was
"filmed in a Danish forest two hours outside of Copenhagen, Bjorn Stig Hansen and Steven Jess Borth II had only one bright light and one camera to make this happen in a period of two summer nights."
i wanna go to Denmark now.

HUGE thanks to the fine folks at TERRORBIRD MEDIA, especially Tim, for sending along this bit of brilliance!

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