02 June 2011

this is gorgeous!

my god, i'm speechless...Kuroi-Tsuki san, you are a master. (his name means 'black moon' in Japanese, btw...)

Venture by *Kuroi-Tsuki on deviantART

"It's about the beauty of failure. It's about that failure happens to all of us... Every character is not only flawed, but sucks at what they do, and is beautiful at it and Jackson and I suck at what we do, and we try to be beautiful at it, and failure is how you get by... It shows that failure's funny, and it's beautiful and it's life, and it's okay, and it's all we can write because we are big... failures." -Doc Hammer

Kuroi-Tsuki goes on to say: "I love Venture Bros with a passion, it's one of the most amazing comedies out there. If you're not a fan, you're really missing out. Anyway, I can't wait for Season 5."

and ROCK ON, Dr. O!!! woo! huge thanks to THE MANTIS-EYE EXPERIMENT for turning me on to this.

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