28 August 2011

immediate #vma impressions

...rather, my not-so-live blogging of the show due to my TiVo'd broadcast (which, btw allowed me to scan through an hour of uselessness in about ten minutes.):

gaga=UGLY man. bieber=gorgeous girl. no one's ever heard of Jessie J. Chris Brown=YES. Kanye ♥s music. woo! is that the LXD?!! cool way to repurpose the spiderman musical flying rig thing. Adele sings, thank god. awesome Tyler the Creator deserves it. who's the guy in the skirt? snuki ist kurz. well done, RuBra...oooh is this a psa?...is that a hologram?...we miss u Amy...Bruno Mars' pompadour = better than gaga's. weird, Lil' Waye is a mix between Flavor Flav and Lil' Jon.

holy crap it's burning man time again.

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