31 December 2007

absynthe antics

or is it spelt absinthe?

anyway, we bought a swiss bottle at bevmo. man, i should've paid less attention to the wormwood and more to the STAR ANISE thing! as our friend DeRa says, "(i'm) NOT a fan." man, i hate the taste of nyquil, good and plenty's, black vines or whatever the hell they're called and j├Ągermeister.

in any case, for $60 a litre, we tried to do it right. we bought sugar cubes and 'spring water'. we maintained the 5:1 H20 to absinthe ratio. we got a glass and used a cocktail shaker strainer to hold the sugar cube, in place of the elusive 'absinthe spoon'. we carefully doused the sugar cube with a turkey baster full of water into the glass of absinthe.


i am STILL NOT A FAN OF BLACK JELLYBEANS. it made us warm, though.

"When diluted with water and a pinch of sugar, the absinthe’s taste is strong and pleasant. And the buzz has an odd way of focusing the mind — I’ve rarely been so entranced by the swish of a basketball net. " ---Brandon I. Koerner, New York Times

"It's as if every black jellybean we've ever thrown out came back to haunt us." ---AlSto, husband of venus

EPILOGUE: KeKi, my younger brother, bade farewell to his best friend, JoKa, this past weekend. JoKa is apparently going to the land of the rising sun for some law school shenanigans. lucky guy. in any case, my brother, who is the total antithesis of myself in terms of illegal living, informed me that they, too, had acquired a bottle of absinthe, from which all these law-abiding types partook. granted, they drank the s^*& STRAIGHT (read: no water to dilute, and no sugar), which i could not imagine in my wildest dreams. fortunately, my brother told me "i like black licorice," which made me shudder, but nonetheless reassured me, my brother's got a little subversiveness in him.

POSTSCRIPT: please check the entries on EROWID.COM regarding the legalities of this fine beverage, or ask JoKa about it in about six months or so...

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